Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book of the Day - Cupcake

I checked out a book from the library the other day called Cupcake. I was intrigued, if only by the title alone. But then I started reading the book. It's actually really good. I don't really like to give to much away about the books I read in case other people want to read them as well, so I will keep my description short and sweet. The book revolves around a girl named Cyd Charisse (yeah, named after the famed dancer/actress). She moves from San Fran to the Big Apple after high school graduation, and spends the novel trying to figure out who she is without her parents or now ex-boyfriend around all the time. In between, she has many hilarious escapades and cheering up sessions from her brother and her best friend, who also both live in NYC. Overall, it's a pretty good read

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Jenn said...

Oh, I remember reading this one a while back! I thought it was okay, not exactly my type of book, but I'm glad you liked it. :)