Friday, March 5, 2010

The Book of Luke

I read another YA novel this week called The Book of Luke. It was written by Jenny O'Connell, and it is based on the dramas and heartbreaks of teenage "love".

When Emily Abbott is halfway through her senior year, her parents inform her that they are going to be moving back to Boston, the city they left just two years earlier to go to Chicago. Emily is saddened by the news because she knows she will miss her friends in Chicago, and she is worried that her friends in Boston have changed and won't welcome her back.

Things fall apart in Emily's emotional life from the moment her parents tell her they are moving. Her dad was supposed to be transferred back to Boston for work, but then decides that he is going to stay a few extra months in Chicago to tie up loose ends. But the rest of the family still heads out East. Then, on the day they leave, Emily's boyfriend, Sam, breaks up with her.

When Emily, her mom and her brother T.J. get back to Boston, Emily starts over at Heywood Academy and realizes that not much has changed, except that everyone is a little older, a little more mature. She learns that two of her best friends from Heywood, Josie and Lucy, have had some serious guys troubles, not the least of which is a breakup by email with Luke.

So, Josie, Lucy and Emily come up with a plan to teach the boys of the future how to behave. They test out their little tricks to getting men to behave better in the trickiest way they know: by having Emily "pretend" to date Luke. The only thing Emily didn't bank on was that she would fall for him.

If you are in the mood for something that will keep you hooked, but is still a light fun read, I suggest this book. Not only will these girls antics keep you hooked, you'll like the end.

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