Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love, Stargirl

Having found and loved Stargirl at the library, I thought that I would enjoy Love, Stargirl just as much. So, after listening to about three chapters of HP and the Goblet of Fire, I read Love, Stargirl. It was fantastic! Just as good as the first. Jerry Spinelli has this way of drawing a reader into Stargirls world and making them cheer for her.

The quirky, offbeat characters were just one of the many things that I loved about this book. It was funny, sad, and so many other things rolled into one. It took on teen love without making it seem dopey or cliched. It looked at the fact that teenagers can and do feel this amazing pull in them for other people. That they can fall in love, fall out of love, get hurt, make amends, heal, and do so many other things that adults don't give them credit for.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough for people of any age.

Have now started reading Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy and will probably do The Austere Academy next.



sounds like a great book I'm here to cheer you on for the readathon! happy reading :)

Caitie said...

I loved this book! IT is a great readathon choice! Have fun the rest of the day!

gautami tripathy said...

go girl go
more, more, more
read in bed, chair or floor!