Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bookish Time - The Last Town on Earth

For May, my book club is reading The Last Town On Earth, by Thomas Mullen. It takes place in the little Washington town of Commonwealth in the year 1918. WW1 is going on and the Spanish flu is breaking out everywhere. In order to defend itself against the flu outbreak, Commonwealth shuts itself off from the rest of society. They do not allow anyone in or out of the city for at least two months. The novel revolves around that decision and the ramifications of said decision.

To pique your interest in this novel, let me tell you, without giving to much away, what it entails.

1. Wobblies. After all, who doesn't love a socialist, anarchist group that supports the rights of all working folks.

2. Murder. Nothing grizzly, but something that impacts the town of Commonwealth in a very dramatic way.

3. Love. When all is said and done, when is love ever a failure?

The author does a great job of handling all the themes and characters of the book. It was his first novel and for a first time author, he's done an excellent job of giving each character their own voice and writing in a manner that hooks you and keeps you going to the last page. If I were you, I'd definitely put this book on my must read list.

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