Thursday, November 15, 2012

Books, Books, Books...

I've been reading so much lately, and have a couple books coming up that are great, and I just had to share some of the stuff I've been reading and have coming up.

1. Chop, Chop: L.N. Cronk - Found through Pixel of Ink, I figured I would get it because it was free. Geared towards young adults, it wasn't poorly written (not excellent either, just good), but it was so geared towards religion. However, there are so many great events, and you really get to like the characters in the book.

2. Day-Day: L.N. Cronk - Yep, the sequel to Chop, Chop. There are seven books in the series. This book follows Lacey and David as they live in Mexico, have troubles getting pregnant and trying to adopt a kid.

3. Pon-Pon: L.N. Cronk - Third in the series, this books follows Lacey and Dave back to their hometown. It follows them as they help their friends through hard times and get them back on a more positive track in life.

Currently Reading:

1. The Book Thief: Marcus Zusak. I am not that far in this book yet (about 30 pages) but so far, it is AMAZING! It came out a couple years ago (I think in 2006) and follows a young girl living in Nazi Germany living with a foster family because they may be able to provide for her better. She steals books from wherever she can so that she can read.

1. The Casual Vacancy: J.K. Rowling. Written strictly for adults, this book is A LOT different than the Harry Potter series. I am very excited to read it, because I think Jo Rowling is such a fantastic writer.