Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Talk - The Changelings

*Warning: This review contains Spoilers.  If you are interested in reading The Changelings, but don't want the story to be ruined, wait until later to read this post.*

So, I have this friend who posts a lot of things on facebook about Elle Casey.  She is always talking about what a great author Elle Casey is.  Well, you know I love me a good book.  So, I decided to give this Elle Casey a little look see.  I got the book The Changelings on my Kindle.  It is a book written for the YA crowd. But believe me when I tell you that if you read this book, you won't feel like a teenager.

The books main character, Jayne, is a fowl mouthed teenager who lives in a family that is, at best, dysfunctional.  Her stepfather is, for lack of a better word, a total douche.  Her mom is kind of not all there in the sense that she doesn't really seem to have a clue about what is going on in Jayne's life.  At the beginning of the book, Jayne talks about how she became best friends with Tony, a nerdy boy who doesn't have any social contacts outside of other nerds.  He likes math, wears big glasses and basically looks like what you would imagine a nerd looking like.

One day, while Jayne and Tony are sitting outside, they get into a confrontation with a school bully and it leads to Tony pulling a gun out of his bag and pointing it at the bully.  He and Jayne then flee town and go to Miami.  While at the bus stop in Miami, they meet Jared, the leader of a group of teens who have all left home for various reasons.  Tony, trusting lad that he is, thinks that Jared's offer to help is great. 

When they get back to the warehouse where Jared and his friends are staying, they meet several new characters.  They are:

Samantha - she hates Tony and Jayne.
Spike - Jayne thinks that Spike has great teeth and she wants him bad.
Chase - Quiet and pensive, you don't really get to learn much about him in this book
Finn - Finn is chatty and fun
Becky - Loud and Cheerful, it is really hard for anyone to dislike Becky.

When they get to the warehouse, Samantha flips out because she doesn't think that Tony and Jayne should be there.  She is happy with the way things have been to that point.  While they are all sitting around talking, Spike comes in with pizza - he is the one who has regularly been bringing them food.  They all go to sleep later, and the next day they learn about a test being offered by the One Eleven Company.  The prize is $500 to each person who completes they test. 

Jared has given Jayne and Tony the chance to be a part of their group permanently, but has left them to make the final decision about whether they will be part of the group.  They decide to hang out with the group until the test then decide if they want to stay with them permanently after the fact.

When the group arrives at the hotel where the test is being offered, everyone has to take a written test, then do an oral test with a man named Mr. Dardennes. 

Well, you know I don't like to give *too* much away, so let me leave you with a few more thoughts:

*There are vampires
*There is a lake spirite
*There are werewolves
*Jayne swears - a lot!
*Samantha doesn't get into the main test
*They have to fly on a plane to get to the woods where the main test occurs.
*Becky almost dies.
*Finn almost dies.
*Everyone gets some big surprises when they get to the fourth way point in the woods.

Now, get out their and get this book!  You won't be disappointed.

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