Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Time - Drink, Slay, Love

*SPOILER ALERT* If you plan on reading this book, but don't want to know what happens, then you shouldn't read this post until later!

I just finished reading the book Drink, Slay, Love - by Sarah Beth Durst.  I was looking for something that was easy and that I didn't have to think about because I am also reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn - which is a real thinker of a book.

So, this book was one I just happened to find as I was walking around my public library.  I checked it out and read through it real quick.  Compared to other teen vampire novels (Twilight) this book was cute. 

The main character, Pearl, is a 16 year old "born" vampire.  She and her Family live together in a large house where they, naturally, all spend the day sleeping and the night drinking human blood.  Her mother and daddy (her calling) are sort of the heads of the house.

Other Family characters include:
Antoinette: Pearls clothing obsessed, 1980's movie loving cousin
Uncle Felix: Likes to play chess.
Jeremiah: The slow cousin of the family.  The Family believe he is slow because he was created, not born.
Jocelyn: Cousin, chatty, fun
Aunt Rose: Not mentioned much, quiet character
Aunt Lianne: Again, another quiet character. Chimes in only when necessary.
Charlaine:  She is a vicious cousin
Jadrien: Not really a part of the Family, he's Pearls boyfriend (for now) so he's around all the time

Some of the high school characters that Pearl meets (and eventually befriends) are:
Bethany: So Perky you almost expect her to be a cheerleader.  She's not.
Evan: He's got some secrets of his own.
Tara: One of the 'in' crowd types.  She's one the prom committee.
Ashlyn: Hates Pearl from the get go, until she meets Pearls Parents (more on that later).
Kelli: Another "queen bee" prom committee type.

And of course, the members of Evan's "family":
Donald (dad): total vampire hunter
Sandy (mom): again, vampire hunter
Lizzie: Loud, Opinionated
Melinda: Doesn't talk a lot
Marcus: hates Pearl the moment he sets eyes on her

The book starts with Pearl charming Brad, the local Dairy Hut employee, getting him to eat some mint ice cream, then drinking from him.  She charms him every time she drinks from him, so he never remembers who she is.

After Pearl has finished drinking from Brad (in a dark alley behind the Dairy Hut) she turns around to see a unicorn standing behind her.  Apparently, in this vampire novel, unicorns and vampires are natural enemies.  The unicorn stakes Pearl.  She wakes up the next night laying on her couch with no idea how she got there.  We find out later that the unicorn that staked her with his horn also heals her and carries her home.

Pearl leaves the next morning and walks around in the daylight - something no other vampire has ever been able to do.  When she tells her mother and daddy about it, they decide to send her to high school - so she can entrance the students and bring them as a feast for the king at the upcoming Fealty ceremony.

While in high school, Pearl meets Bethany and Evan on the first day and becomes friends with them, mostly because of Bethany's unrelenting chattiness.  Pearl also makes a quick enemy of Ashlyn.  Later, however, Ashlyn and her parents are made into a meal by Pearls parents, thus improving the relationship - if only because Ashlyn no longer has the energy to be mean to Pearl.

Throughout the rest of the novel, there are many interesting things that happen, including the following:

*Pearl finds out that Evan is a were-unicorn.  He is, in fact, the unicorn that staked and healed Pearl. 
*We learn that all of Evan's adopted siblings are were-unicorns and that their goal is to make vampires friendly.
*Were- Unicorns have a special sort of power in their horns - which is what allows them to "heal" vampires.
*Pearl joins the prom committee - because she wants to serve up the entire junior class as food for the king.
*Later, Pearl realizes that it was, in fact, a mistake to serve up the entire junior class as food.  So she and some other students come up with an attack plan to heal as many vampires as possible.

So, if you want something fun and lighthearted to read, pick this book up.  It's fun and funny, and although it's no Anne Rice book, it is a lot better written than Twilight!

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