Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming Up in the Land of Books...

Well, it should come as no secret now that I love to share the books I am reading and the books I have coming up.  So, here are the fun reads I have on my pile right now:

Sharp Objects: This is the book I am currently reading for my book club.  So far I am really enjoying it!  I'll definitely have a review of it up in the next couple days!

 A Discover of Witches: A book I accidentally stumbled across while browsing around Good Reads, I am going to read this after I finish Sharp Objects. 

 Shadow of Night: The sequel to A Discovery of Witches, I'm really excited to get to this book!  It might be a few days, however, because A Discovery of Witches is almost 600 pages long.

American Gods: Chosen by me, this is the book my book club is going to read for August.  I actually bought this one on my Kindle instead of checking it out, because I am just such a huge Neil Gaiman fan.  Since I probably won't start this book for at least three or so more weeks, it might be a while before I review it.  But I think the wait will be worth it.  It is by Neil Gaiman, after all!

Gone Girl: Recommended over and over again by the people in my book club, I am finally going to read this book.  I am very excited to read what happens, as I have heard nothing but good things about this book! (If you've read it, don't spoil it!  I plan on getting to it within the next two to four weeks.)

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