Sunday, October 13, 2013

AMAZING! This is just like magic!

Do you remember the end of Harry Potter and The Chamber Secrets?  Gilderoy Lockhearts spell has backfired, causing him to lose his memory.  He forgets that he is a wizard and, as he is flying out of the Chamber of Secrets with Ron, Harry and Ginny, he declares: "Amazing!  This is just like magic!"  What a splendidly hilarious moment!  It reminds me of why I love the Harry Potter books so much.

I always love doing anything involving books!  This read-a-thon was long, as I spent more time reading during this one as I have in the past, but it was well worth it!

Books I finished were:
*Fruits Basket Vols. 8 and 9
*Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
*The Hunger Games

I also read part of The Chamber of Secrets, and around 3:00 this morning I read a good 60 pages of Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell.  That one wasn't on my read-a-thon reading list, but I just really wanted to find out what happened with Cath and Levi! 

I find my feet dragging today, and my eyelids aching for more sleep.  But in the end it was worth it.  Reading, friends, is always worth it!  Here are some things you can remember about my read-a-thon books until the next event:

*Harry Potter is awesome.

*Romance is great.

*So is falling in love!

*Strong female characters kick ass.

*This is just like Magic!  (Now, go read some Harry Potter.  I'll wait.)

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