Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review - Attachments

***Spoiler Alert:  If you are interested in reading this book and don't wish to know what happens before hand, wait to read this review until later.  Otherwise, read on!***

One day, one of my friends posted a link to the Rainbow Rowell book Fangirl (which is another book on my reading list).  I ended up picking up this book from the library first however.  I loved it!  It is a cute, charming book that looks at romance, love, work relationships, etc. The two female main characters are Beth and her friend Jennifer.  They work at a newspaper and are constantly sending each other emails about everything from Beth's boyfriend Chris to Jennifer's constant pregnancy scares.  Lincoln also works at the newspaper in the IT department.  His job is to read the emails that get flagged for being personal (because everyone knows you shouldn't send personal emails while you work, right?)  After reading the emails, Lincoln is supposed to send out a warning, but he never sends warnings to Beth or Jennifer.  This is because he finds their lives to be fascinating and thinks that he is attracted to Beth even though he's never met her.

A few things to know about this book are:

*Lincoln lives with his mom
*Beth is dating Chris who is in a band. However, they eventually break up.
*Jennifer actually does get pregnant.
*Even before Jennifer gets pregnant, she goes on these weird baby clothes shopping sprees.
*Jennifer is uncertain as to whether she even wants to have a baby.
*Beth sees Lincoln a couple times, both around the newsroom while he's fixing things and in the break room while he's talking to Doris.  She describes him in her emails as her cute guy.

During the course of the book, there are many ups and many downs.  Beth and Chris break up.  Beth actually meets Lincoln.  Lincoln finally moves out of his mom's house and gets his own apartment. 

Overall, this is a cute, charming read that I enjoyed.  I would recommend it to others if they are looking for something that's easy to read yet fun and charming!  I'd give this book a B+.


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