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Book Review - Cress

***DISCLAIMER AND SPOILER ALERT:  Please note, this is an advanced readers copy of the book Cress.  The book was written by the ever talented Marissa Meyer, and I received this ARC copy through a contest on her website.  Now, speaking of her website, you have to check it out, because it is awesome!   This book is being released in February of 2014.  That being said, this review should not be compared to the final written book, as there may be some differences.  Chances are good that I will buy a published copy and read it.  Now, also, the major plot points of this book probably won't change much over the coming months.  That being said, if you do not want to know what happens in Cress until it is actually published, I suggest forgoing this review until a later date.  There are some MASSIVE spoilers in this review.  However, if you are dying to know what happens, read on!  Now, for the review.***

Story first:  I may have shared this story first, so forgive me if you've read it already.  About a year ago, I was posting on Facebook that I was looking for a good book recommendation.  My friend Kelli, who is an avid reader and has similar taste in books as I do, recommended the book Cinder.  I trust Kelli's judgement in books, because she reads good things.  So, after reading a summary, I thought Cinder looked intriguing, so I bought it on my kindle and read it in a matter of days.  When Scarlet got released this year, I bought it on my kindle and read through that one quickly as well.  Then I was like, oh man, I have to wait a whole year for the next book to come out.  I was so excited when I saw that Marissa Meyer was holding a contest on her blog to win an ARC of Cress.  I entered and was even more excited when I got an email from Ms. Meyer saying that I had won an ARC!  YEAH!  So, here I am writing a review for what is a completely enjoyable and fantastic book!  

If you are a fan of the Lunar Chronicles series, you most likely already know that it is a series of books set in the future and based on fairy tales.  Cinder is a futuristic retelling of Cinderella.  Scarlet is a futuristic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  And Cress, the third of four books, is based on the fairy tale Rapunzel.

Now, have no fear, because many of the characters from the previous two books come back in this book.  In addition to Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf and Thorne, we also have the following characters:

*Queen Levana
*Dr. Erland
*Aimery Park
*The wedding planner (Her name escapes me at the moment)

Of course, there are many other characters in the book, but these ones are really important to the story! 

When we first meet Cress, she is locked away in a satellite tower that is orbiting Luna.  She has been locked away there and used as a pawn by Sybil because she is a shell.  You'll remember that shell's on Luna are considered a bad thing.  They risk being killed if they stay on Luna.  So, while growing up on this satellite, Cress has become an expert hacker.  As a result, Sybil makes her keep tabs on anything and everything, including Cinder. 

Cinder and Scarlet, who are now "hanging" with each other and their cohorts Wolf and Thorne, in the Rampion have figured out who Cress is.  They are on a mission to rescue her from her satellite tower.  They manage to gain a comm link to her satellite and let her know they are coming to get her.  Cress is, understandably, very excited!  She is sick of doing bidding for Sybil and Queen Levana.  However, as Cinder and the gang are on their way, Sybil shows up at the satellite tower.  She find out from the vidscreen that Cinder and her friends are on their way.  Sybil and Jacin manage to take Scarlet, while Thorne and Cress escape to Earth.  Cinder and Wolf land on Earth as well, in the city of Farhafra. 

When they land, Cress and Thorne are in the desert in Africa and Cress is fascinated.  She thinks that this is just about the coolest place she's ever been.  Thorne, however, has been blinded, literally.  He has hit hit head so hard that it's caused him to lose his eyesight.  Well, anyway, Cress and Thorne spend days traveling across the desert before finally landing in an oasis.  They meet Jina, Neils and their friends, who feed them and take them to Kufra.  BUT, then Jina kidnaps Cress and brings her to Farhafra, where she meets Dr. Erland and also runs back into Cress and Wolf.  Thorne manages to follow them to Farhafra and find the group as well.

While all this is going on with Cress, Cinder is learning that the people of Farhafra absolutely love her and think she is basically the bee's knees.  While in Farhafra, they bring her things and help her paint the Rampion to disguise it.  After all, the giant lady on the side makes it rather noticable.

Some other things in the book that you need to know are:

*We learn who Cress's father is. 
*Iko gets a new body
*The wedding planner comes up with the brilliant idea to have escort droids at the wedding between Kai and Levana.  After all, Lunars can't manipulate escort droids.
*Scarlet gets tortured.
*The name Winter comes up in this book.  No worries, that story won't really come about until the fourth book!

Now, I know I've given a lot away, but I promise, this is all I am going to spoil.  I have to say: I LOVE this book!  I love the way that Marissa Meyer weaves together these stories so seamlessly.  There is intrigue in this book.  There is wonder and mystery in this book.  It will keep you riveted.  You will find this book fascinating!  It has an incredible plot.  I think it is amazing the way that Marissa Meyer manages to make each of her Lunar Chronicles books so full and amazing.  They are all woven together so well.  When this book finally gets published, you won't be able to put it down!  I would give this book an A+ all the way!

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