Sunday, April 26, 2015

Honey Mustard, VOL. 1 - Ho-Kyung Yeo

This morning, as I was laying awake at 6:30 finishing the tail end of the Dewey Readathon, I read volume 1 of the manga Honey Mustard, by Ho-Kyung Yeo.

The story involves Ara, a high school girl in Korea, who is in love with Jung.  She is scared to tell him, because she is afraid he won't feel the same way.  Ara's friends tell her that she needs to speak up and share her feelings.  Enter Young-woo.  Young-Woo is hiding from a gang who was beating him up.  Ara runs into the room where Young-woo is hiding.  She gets confused, because apparently the one can of beer she drank was enough to inebriate her.

While Ara is hiding in this room, she thinks that Young-Woo is Jung and kisses him, but not before vomiting all over him and passing out for a few minutes.  Right before she kisses Young-Woo, Ara tells him she loves him.  Of course, he freaks out because he can't figure out why some random girl is making out with him.  Then, Ara's headmistress catches them in this room together, and she freaks out.  She believes that teenagers should remain completely and totally innocent, naive, and pure forever.

There is a whole lot of other crazy shit that happens in this manga, including a fight between Ara and her stepmother, where her stepmother tries to kick her out of the house (because she kissed a boy!), and a scene where Young-Woo's grandpa tells Young-woo he has to marry Ara because they kissed.  One time.

Well, one thing leads to another, Young-Woo proposes to Ara, and she says yes. This seems very strange to me, since they have only met one time.  (Well, they meet again, but I'll let you discover the whats-its about that situation!)

I can honestly say that I don't know if I will read the rest of this series.  I understand that different cultures have different customs, and maybe it is common in Korea to have 18 year olds get married after kissing one time (and that time having been the first time they ever met!)  To me, it seems strange.  There are, after all, many things that go into creating an effective, life long relationship (like emotional maturity, honesty and communication, trust, sexual compatibility with and attraction to your partner, actually taking time to get to know your partner so you know if you have anything in common.)  Without taking the time to figure any of this stuff out, how can Ara and Young-Woo every have a successful relationship?  I guess I'll never know!

I would give this manga a D (or 2 stars.)

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