Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just One Night - Elle Casey

I don't know how many of you have heard of Elle Casey, but you need to go read some of her books.  (And by some, I mean all of them!)

Just One Night is a serial romance that Elle Casey published last year.  The premise of the serial novel is that Jennifer, a recently dumped real estate agent, is looking for one night of harmless, no strings attached fun.  She wants to hook up with a random man, have sex, and never see him again.  What she doesn't figure into the plan is that she will actually like the guy she meets.

In Part One, Jennifer sends out her advertisement, against the advise of her friend Mia.  William's secretary finds the ad and takes it upon herself to clip it and give it to William.  At first, William doesn't want to respond to the advertisement.  He figures there is no way that Jennifer could possibly be serious about not wanting a one night thing.  He finally changes his mind, calling Jennifer and inviting her to a charity event for breast cancer that he attends annually.

Part Two opens with Jennifer feeling bad about herself because it has been a week since her one night fling with William and she got attached to him.  So, she is sitting in her apartment, drowning her sorrows with orange juice, when her best friend Mia comes over, convincing Jennifer to come to one of Mia's work events.  When they arrive at the event, Jennifer is surprised that Mia's clients are William and his brother.  Mia and Jennifer end up at a club with William and Edward, where Jennifer and William have sex in a dark hallway.

Part Three involves Jennifer's ex, Hank, coming to work at Jennifer's realtor company as the new broker.  He brings his new girlfriend along as the receptionist (new girlfriend being the one that Hank cheated on Jennifer with).  Jennifer quits, then realizes the is totally screwed without that job (because I guess she can't be an independent realtor).  Mia convinces Jennifer to call William and propose a working situation together since William is a broker.  When Jennifer arrives at Willliams office, she meets Ingrid (who owns the building, AND the night club where Jennifer and William did it).  Ingrid and Jennifer both arrive at Williams office at the same time - Jennifer for the presentation and Ingrid to try and convince William to go on a date with her (because she already made dinner reservations without asking him first).  Well, William turns Ingrid away, of course, and after the not presentation with Jennifer, they end up having sex in a conference room chair.

Part Four starts getting all manner of ridiculous in it.  Edward breaks into Ingrid's office at the club, attempting to steal a thumb drive (which is a sort of USB drive).  Ms. Meechum, William's assistant, proves to be rather useful when she hacks into Ingrid's computer and erases the sex video from Ingrid's hard drive.  Ingrid convinces Jennifer to leave the conference room and cancel her date with William (by lying and implying that Ingrid and William are in a serious relationship).  Then, when Jennifer gets home, she runs into Hank, who has been waiting outside her apartment building.  He follows her into her apartment even after she tells him to leave (which is really creepy) then sits there talking to her like he didn't cheat on her and like they are best friends. After he leaves, Mia comes over, talking to Jennifer about William.  Then William shows up to talk to Jennifer.  She tells him, in spite of her attraction to him, that need their thing to have just been one night.  So, William leaves, and Jennifer has another break down.

Part Five opens with a discussion between Mia and Jennifer regarding William's having quit his fathers company.  In an interesting turn of events, William ends up moving in with Jennifer, and they promise to keep the relationship purely platonic (yeah right)!  Over the course of part five, William and Jennifer get things really rolling on the business they've started together.  Of course, things are still weird with Ingrid, the woman who thinks she's all that and the bag of chips.  I don't want to give everything away, but let's just say there's a huge fight you don't want to miss.

Part Six - the final part of the series - gets even more crazy.  It starts with Jennifer waking up in the hospital, which surprises her.  While there, she gets the surprise of her life.  (Nope, I'm not telling!)  The events of this part go pretty quickly, AND there's a wedding. 

So, here's a little rundown of the characters:
Jennifer - the main character and the one who wants the one night stand.
William - a British business owner who responds to Jennifer's ad (via his secretary)
Mia - Jennifer's crass, secretive, well meaning best friend. 
Ms. Meechum - William's severely ditsy receptionist.
Edward - William's cad brother
Frank - William's father.  About as much of a player as Edward is.
Ingrid - Business owner and landlord.  Trying unsuccessfully to snag William.

Overall, the series was okay.  The writing is decent, and the characters are all distinct from each other.  There were some moments where I laughed really hard.  There were definitely some surprising moments in the series, which is always good.  I do think that Ms. Meechum was one character who was almost over the top ridiculous, though.  She was portrayed as being incredibly daft and stupid.  I highly doubt that someone who is as productive as she is at work could really be that dumb and ditsy.

I found myself genuinely sick of Ingrid by the end of part three.  Her relentless blackmailing of William and her refusal to listen when people tell her no made me want to hunt her down and punch her in the face.

This was my first dip into reading serial fiction, and it was interesting.  I would give this a solid B overall.

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