Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blog Changes

Hi Everyone!

If you pay attention to my blog, you may have noticed a few things:

1. I've been talking about books a lot more on this blog!

2. I actually changed the name of this blog to The Book Nerd (and have changed another blog I run to Life Out Loud.)

I made a decision that because I have been talking so much about books on this blog, I am going to officially turn it into my book blog.  My other blog, which you can find by clicking here, will be the blog I use to talk about new crafty things, including new items that I post on Etsy, aftcra, and other marketplaces I am selling on.  If you are interested in reading about books, stick around here!  If you'd rather just read about my crafty life, that's okay too - stop on by my other blog!

Either way, I look forward to having you around the blogosphere.  Enjoy your time!

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