Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hollow City - Ransom Riggs

***Spoilers:  If you've read my blog before, you know that I often post a few spoilers in my reviews.  So, if you haven't read Hollow City, and don't want to know anything that happens until you do, wait to read this review.  If you don't mind a few spoilers: read on.***
At the end of last year, I read the book Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children.  I fell in love instantly.  It is an absolutely magical book, and I knew right away that I would read the rest of the series!  So, a couple weeks ago, I picked up Hollow City, the second book in the series, at the library. 
So, I finished this lovely book, and again, was not disappointed.  The book starts right where the last book left off.  The kids from Miss Peregrine's home have lost their loop, and time has started for them (in 1940!)  What that means for Jacob, of course, is that he is now trapped in 1940 and can't get back to his own time because they lost their loop.  He says he is okay with this, and as of the end of the novel, remains convinced that he is happy with the choice to stay with the peculiar kids. 
Now that the kids are in time moving forward, they are trying to find another ymbryne who can help save Miss Peregrine and make her human again.  As you may remember, she was stuck as a peregrine in the last novel by something called a wight.  The wights are chasing the kids now, because the kids are peculiar, and the wights want to either kill or experiment on them.  Through a roundabout journey, the kids end up in an entertainment loop, where they meet Miss Wren, another ymbryne that they are hoping will help them make Miss Peregrine human again. 
On their journey, they meet several fun and peculiar characters, including a young girl who can make herself whole after being injured, two boys who are blind and can find their way around via clicking their tongues and listening to the echos, a clown, and a folding man.  They kill several hollows, two unintentionally, meet a talking dog and a telekinetic girl, and travel through a church in London.  Their are so many fabulous things that happen to them on their journey that I can't even mention them all here or you'd be reading forever!
There are so many reasons I loved this novel.  I love the way the author continued it right where the last novel left off.  I love that, in the face of adversity, the kids rise to the occasion and prove that their age doesn't mean they aren't capable.  I love how each character grows throughout the story, proving that they are mature and can handle so much more than people give them credit for.  The photos in this story work well to create a novel that is as magical as its predecessor. 
I think my favorite part of the novel is that Jacob seems to really come into his own and accept his fate as a hollow killer.  He seems to finally become comfortable with where he is and what he is supposed to do and be for the kids who have become some of his best friends, even in just a short period of time. 
If you haven't read this novel yet, get to it!  You won't be disappointed.

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