Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I am Princess X - Cherie Priest

I am Princess X, by Cherie Priest, is the authors first foray into YA fiction.  The book revolves around two girls - May and Libby.  Libby supposedly gets killed in a car accident with her mom when she is thirteen.  When they first met, May didn't have a lot of friends, and developed a strong friendship with Libby.  They developed a comic together called "I am Princess X."  However, when Libby dies, Princess X dies along with her.  Then, when May is 17, she starts seeing Princess X stickers plastered all over Seattle. 

May is intrigued by these stickers, and goes on a search only to find that there is a huge following for Princess X, a Princess X website, and all manner of other Princess X goodies around.  She doesn't know what to make of this at first, but suspects that either Libby is still alive, or that someone stole there comic stuff.   The rest of the novel leads May into some strange places, puts her in a foot race trying to escape from a crazy driver, and leads her to discover some things about herself. 

I don't want to give too much away, so I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum!  Throughout the novel, May meets several interesting characters including Trick.  Trick is an expert hacker who got kicked out of college because of one of the locations he hacked - but he lets people hire him, and he is instrumental in May's journey.  Trick and May are two of the main characters, so let's talk about them for a minute.  While the plot of the story was interesting, the character development felt low to me.  I felt like there should have been a slight bit more growth, especially in May since she goes through the most things in this book.

There was a decent amount of action in the book.  It was enough to make me want to keep reading.  However, the ending felt predictable.  I knew the "What's going to happen?" from the beginning, but the how do they get there was what kept me reading.  Overall, I'd give this a three star review.  It's a light fluffy mystery, perfect for teens and early 20-somethings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wicked Reads - Survive the Night: Danielle Vega

 Survive the Night, a novel by author Danielle Vega, is a novel you won't want to miss out on.  It is part of the Wicked Reads Campaign hosted by Penguin Books.   (Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher.  All opinions about the book are my own.)

The story opens with  Casey, fresh out of rehab, going to a sleepover at her "parent approved" friends house.  Why only parent approved friends, you ask?  Well, she is a teenager fresh out of rehab - so of course her parents only want her hanging out with good kids.  When Casey gets to the sleepover, she notices how different everyone acts, because they are all a little weirded out by the fact that Casey was in rehab.  

When Casey's friends Shana, Aya, and Julie arrive to take Casey out for the night, she has no idea how wild their night will get.  The Survive the Night rave they attend is just the tip of the iceberg.  During their night, the encounter mayhem, inadvertant druggings, and murder.  

Now, I don't want to give too much away, so that's all you'll get by way of spoilers. I will tell you, however, my thoughts on this book.  I didn't know what to expect when I started reading it.  The plot sounded intriguing, and the description was enough to let me know it would be a little scary.  When I got the book, I ripped open the package and dug in (and I wasn't disappointed.)  The author was raised on horror books by the likes of Stephen King, and her love of scary situations certainly shows in this book.  

I, personally, would say this is a slightly different horror story than Kings, but it's scary nonetheless.  There are situations in the book that made me want to cry out "No, no, dang it, don't do that!"  If you are like me, and you like to read before bed, be prepared: this book may give you case of "did I just see something move outside my window?!"  

I liked Casey and rooted for her the entire book.  I could sense from the beginning that Casey was not that "bad girl" that people thought she was.  She had a personality that seemed so different from Aya, Shana, and Julie's, that it was easy to see why she felt the way she did throughout the book.  Let's just say: she has friends who are much more suited to her personality.  

Overall, if you read this book - you won't be disappointed.  This was definitely a most wicked read!  

I bet you're intrigued by the Wicked Reads! (I know I've already added other books from the Wicked Reads series to my reading list!)  If you're on Twitter, you can get in on a fabulous chat on Friday October 30th at 4 PM.  This fun Twitter chat is being hosted by @mashreads and will feature the following authors:
And, in case that wasn't enough, there is also a fun Twitter Ghost story event being held from  October 26th through October 31.  Anyone can participate, and if you're Twitter Ghost Story wins, you have the chance to win a Prize Pack of the featured (wicked) books!  Just type up a spooky story in 140 characters, and include the hashtag  #twitterghoststory!  I'd love to see your ghost stories too: come find me on twitter @magglepie.

Now go on and have some Wicked Fun!