Monday, January 25, 2016

Monsterland - Michael Phillip Cash

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley.  All thoughts about the book are my own.
Title: Monsterland
Author: Michael Phillip Cash
Publisher: Red Feather Publishing
Release Date: October 13, 2015
The premise behind Monsterland is simple: take all the vampires, zombies, and werewolves are placed in Monsterland theme parks around the world (supposedly in the name of keeping them safe.)  The owner, Dr. Vincent Conrad, gives out free tickets to one of the parks to Wyatt - who attends opening night with his friends and his stepdad.  The night takes an interesting turn once everyone is at the park.
It took me about two chapters to really start getting into this book.  It starts out slow, and is pretty steady until the end. There is not a lot of action or adventure throughout the book, and it's not until we get to almost one-third of the way through the book.  While the writing was decent, and the idea for the book was neat, I think the author could have done a better job of putting more action in throughout the novel.  When reading a book, I don't think the reader should have to wait until nearly the end of the novel for anything to happen.
Despite the lack of action, there are some good things about this novel.  The characters are all pretty distinct from each other.  They all have their own personalities and qualities that set them apart from the other characters.  The teen love aspect is cute, and gives the novel something more!  I appreciate seeing the teen love aspect from more a male's perspective since we were watching Wyatt make attempts towards his love interest.
Overall, I would give this book three stars - it's a good story, but just needed a few more arcs throughout to really make it great.

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