Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

***Spoilers:  I try to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, but a few always slip in.  So, if you haven't read the book yet, and absolutely do not want to know anything that happens, save this review for later.***
The 5th Wave, by author Rick Yancey, is a sci-fi alien invasion story that I assumed would be awesome!  I mean, alien invasion story?  Excellent, right?  Wrong.  So, so wrong.  Let's start with a basic premise of the story.
The human race has already survived the first four waves of the alien invasion (well some of them have survived.)  The first four waves were: Lights Out, Surf's Up, Pestilence, Silencer.  The 5th wave has no name.  The idea is simple though: take out the humans in any way possible.  Cassie, a sweet, nice 16 year old girl, is one of the survivors who must spend the book trying to survive the 5th wave of this alien invasion. 
Simple, somewhat promising premise: survive the alien invasion.  This premise leaves the doors wide open for some good action and adventure throughout.  But, that's exactly what doesn't happen.  The book is one long description of Cassie and Ben walking, bathing occasionally, meeting new people, and doing more walking.  There are three or four events in the book that are filled with tension.  That's it. 
In addition the lack of tension, there didn't seem to be any actual point to the book.  The whole idea was that this book was about an alien invasion, but it felt more like an episode of Seinfeld - if you're too young to know that show, it's the show based off the premise that "nothing happens."  It's a show about nothing.  That's how this book felt.
The characters in the book all sounded the same.  Cassie, the primary narrator, had the same voice as Ben, who had the same voice as Evan, who had the same voice as that alien/human who shot Cassie in the leg. They all had the same voice!  They all sounded like a bunch of underdeveloped, crabby girls who were mad because they couldn't get their way.  This was disappointing since I know that Mr. Yancey has written other books with characters that are actually different from one another.  It made me wonder: 1. Why everyone loved this book, and 2: Why this book was made into a move! 
Overall, if this book were to get a letter grade, it would be a D-, if only for the fact that it takes guts to blather on about nothing for 457 pages.  This is not a book I would recommend to others.

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