Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lumberjanes Volumes 1-3


Hi y'all!  Let's talk about Lumberjanes.  I am reviewing the first three volumes in one post, because they are shortish and really easy to read.  I finished each volume in one day. 
If you've never heard of Lumberjanes, you are missing out!  This comic book series is, in a word, amazing.  It is full of great characters, humor, a lot of inclusiveness, and just general awesomeness.
The main characters in the book are:
*Jen - the Roanoke Counselor
*Rosie - the camp Scout master
The campers - Mal, Jo, April, Ripley, and Molly - are spending the summer at camp, being led by their quirky counselor Jen.  They get into all sorts of crazy trouble, including a run in with dinosaurs, and a trip inside a magical outhouse.  Did I mention this is a fantasy series as well?  It's great! The camp scout master - Rosie - is hilarious.  She's always getting Jen's name wrong, and just sort of fumbles about sometimes. 
Each volume is filled with action, adventure, and some romance.  Mal and Molly - two of my favorite characters - are in mutual like with each other.  I can't tell you how awesome it is to read a comic that has a same-sex relationship, and presents that relationship as just as real, valid, and excellent as a hetero relationship.  The growing romance between Mal and Molly is free from stereotypes and the characters are each presented as just being your typical teenage girls. 
It's hard to decide what my favorite part of these books has been so far - it's kind of a tie between the time the dinosaurs came out of the magical outhouse, or the time that Mal and Molly followed the bear woman into the outhouse and got trapped in a different world while they were on their date. 
There are so many awesome things about this series.  Let me just tell you a few of the awesome things:
- Humor: this series is FUNNY! 
- Adventure: there is plenty going on in this series to keep you interested and wanting to read more.
- A little magic and mystery: who doesn't love magic and mystery.
- And of course, the romance!  Everyone needs a little romance in their lives.
If you haven't read any of these books/comics yet - get on it! You won't regret it.

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