Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bout of Books - Day 2 Updates and a Peek at my Books

Hi Y'all!  It's the third day of Bout of Books 17 - but I'm not here to talk about that (yet.)  Let's talk about what I did yesterday.  As you know, I've been making my way (rather slowly) through 3 books:

Here's my update from Tuesday!

Books Started: 3
Books Finished: 0 (le sigh)
Pages Read on Tuesday: 45
Total Pages Read: 128

And now for the really fun part: 

The Show off your Shelves Photo Challenge: 

Because I am at the library at the moment, and forgot to take pictures of my paper books, I took pictures of my e-books!  Here are (just a few) of the books sitting on my kindle at the moment: 


(And yes, in case you are wondering, my kindle is named Luna Lovegood!)

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