Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'll Run to You - Nikki Vale

I'll Run to You, by Nikki Vale, was a book I bought on Kindle because it was free.  Let's just say that had it not been for the fact that the book was free, there is no way on god's green earth I would have read it.  This is a book that makes the writing and plot of 50 Shades of Grey look like War and Peace. 

I could find nothing redeeming about this book - so I'll just go right ahead and tell you what I didn't like.

The characters: They were childish and showed no personal growth throughout the book.  Evelyn/Evelynn (because apparently the author couldn't remember how to spell her main characters name) couldn't be bothered to ever ask her friends how they were doing or think about anyone other than herself.  She has a daughter that's actually her niece, and said child spends more time with her grandmother than she does with Evie.  Evie, the heroine of the book, seems more concerned with making Hunter, the "love of her life," jealous than she does with anything else. 

Hunter, the hero of our story, spends all his time wondering what he did wrong to piss Evie off.  In actuality, he didn't technically do anything wrong.  Before he knew that Evie was in love with him, he slept with her sister - and got her sister pregnant (thus the niece/daughter.)  Throughout the book, the most selfless thing he does is take a step back and let Evie decide if how often he should see his kid (though really, he *should* get to see her as often as he wants.)  Other than that, he's kind of a douche.  For example, he moves in with Evie, because he needs a place to stay. Then, less than a week later, with no warning, and after telling her he loves her, Hunter just packs up and takes off with no warning.  The communication between Evie and Hunter sucked throughout the entire novel - and yet they want to have a relationship with each other. 

The actual plot: The plot was mediocre at best.  It was mostly the two main characters crying to their friends about what they had done wrong now, and then they had sex.  There were no interesting events, no buildup, no romance, and minimal climax to the story.

The writing: Was downright horrific.  There were mistakes in this book that I would have expected a 10 year old to make, not a fully grown writer who should know better.  For example, here are some sentences taken straight from this gem of a book:

"I'm meeting him at Oishidesu's at 8 o'clock, and I'm meeting him at Oishidesu, so 7 o'clock should be fine."  (Was Evie so confused that she had to state the meeting place twice?  What's happening here?)

"What had the hell?"  (What does that even mean?  What had the hell?  I don't understand this sentence even a little bit.)

"Hunter this is Steve Fuller, a friend and colleague.  Steve this is Hunter Douglas, my brother's best friend and a friend of mine as well."  (Let's talk about how there should be comma's after Hunter in the first sentence and Steve in the second.  Also, the second sentence is awkward, clunky, and way to long.  Be succinct.) 

The writing continues like this throughout the entire novel.  It was just too much - and made me wonder why I continue to read indie books when so many of them lately have been absolute duds for me.  It would have done the author wonders to have an editor look through the book several times before publication.

The only reason I would rate this book with 1 star is because most you can't give 0 stars.  Spend your time on a different book - reading this book would surely fill you with regret, and maybe even a little shame.

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