Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The 100 - Kass Morgan

I started listening to The 100 on audiobook without even knowing that it was semi popular and had been made into a TV series.  This is one of those book series I've been woefully behind on.  Apparently, that's okay.

When the book started, I was mildly intrigued.  I mean, radiation kills off humans on earth and only a handful escape to make their lives in outerspace on a spaceship? That sounds like a good story!  While the idea for this story is great, the actual story itself falls flat.  The writing is great - Kass Morgan is a good writer.  But, there are so many diverging plot points and so many different characters that it's hard to keep everything straight. 

If their had been one narrator, that would have made the story much easier to flesh out.  The author could have still revealed all the details that needed to be revealed and followed the story well with one narrator.  Also, because their were so many characters with their own POV in the story, it made it hard to get attached to any of them.  Things kept switching back and forth so much I felt like my head was spinning. 

Because of all the different main characters and the lack of one POV, their was also a noticeable lack of character development.  Their wasn't a lot of growth in any of the characters, and that was too bad.

I wanted to like this book - but found it to be just mediocre at best.  Read it if you want - but overall, I'd give it just 3 stars.

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