Friday, September 9, 2016

Awakening - Karice Bolton

Awakening, by Karice Bolton, seemed intriguing to me.  Now, I admit that the first thing that drew me in was the cover.  It's pretty enough that I thought - "Hey, why not give it a shot."  After having actually finished the book, the only thing I can say is - Thank god I got it for free!

The book starts with Ana, a waitress at a local bar, going to work after a painful night of no sleep.  She arrives at her job to find her coworker rushing out in a fit of illness.  Ana gets charged with one of the tables that Karen would have had to wait on.  At said table, she finds a man and woman who intrigue her so much she almost finds her self unable to speak in their presence. She gives them three drinks (for a missing person who shows up later) and finds herself wishing the third drink was for her. The mystery man who shows up draws her attention even more than the other two.  At the end of the shift, Ana goes home, thinking the entire time of the weird (and all green-eyed) trio at the bar.  Later that night, the mystery man, who we find out is named Athen, shows up at Ana's home completely unannounced.  Instead of being weirded out that a stranger just showed up at her house (without her having told him where she lives,) Ana just decides to go off with him and have some fun.  This leads to an entire weekend of her hanging out with him, spending the night at his place, and falling in love with him in the course of a day and a half.  The novel keeps getting stranger from then on out - Ana quits her job, follows Athen, his sister Arie, and her fiance Cyril to Seattle for a week, gets told that she's an angel, and undergoes an "awakening" process in which she regains memories from her apparently very lengthy life. 

Let's start with the actual plot: It's weird that Ana would go off with a stranger without knowing anything about said stranger.  The fact that Athen shows up at Ana's home without ever having been told where she lives is weird and creepy and she should be running for the hills!  (Has she never been taught that this could be a precursor to rape or murder?!)  The rest of the book is poorly written and poorly executed.  It's mostly talk, with two or three scenes of demons attacking just to make it seem interesting.  There is no depth to the story or the characters.

In addition to all that, the writing is sloppy and read like it could have been written by a teenager.  There were commas in the most outrageous places, and grammatical errors that could have been done away with had the author had a better editor. The ending was rushed and felt like it was thrown in just to add a little more action to an otherwise boring story.

Readers, trust me when I say you won't be disappointed if you skip this book! 

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