Friday, September 16, 2016

The Road Back to Us - Kira Adams

The Road Back to Us is another novel by indie author Kira Adams. I read the book for free from Kindle, and while the writing was marginally better than the book I read previously, I still found myself grateful that I hadn't actually spent any money on this book.

The two main characters - Jace and Peyton - have known each other since they were in high school.  They dated for a while, and then Jace started getting famous.  So, his agent pushed him together with a co-star from the movie that he wasn't at all romantically interested in, and Peyton got upset.  Needless to say, they haven't been together for a while, and Peyton claims it's better that way.  Then, after a sort of chance re-meet, they end up partying and getting married.  Instead of getting it annulled and, you know, getting to know each other first, they just jump right in and stay married - because romance novel ya know. 

Throughout the novel, a series of rather over the top events make them realize they are still and always have been madly in love with each other.  One of the events involves a crazed stalker fan of Jace's kidnapping Peyton and having a hitman try to kill her.  I think this event alone should make the readers wonder about the sanity of the characters.  Let me tell you why: Peyton came home one night to find her apartment door wide open.  All the lights were off.  She was on the phone with Jace and said that she thought someone had broken into her apartment, and that she thought they were still in her apartment.  Despite her believing that someone is still in her apartment, she goes into said apartment, and then everyone is surprised when she gets kidnapped.  I can't help but wonder what was going through her head that would possibly make her think going INTO HER APARTMENT after it had been broken into like that was a good idea. Did the thought of going outside and calling the police never occur to her?!

In addition to the unbelievable plot points, the writing was shoddy at best, littered with grammatical errors and weak sentence structure, and should have been more well-edited.  The characters were weak and didn't change or grow at all throughout the novel.  The whole story felt unrealistic and implausible to me.  I just didn't believe that two people who hadn't dated since high school would take to a surprise marriage like that and suddenly just be so madly in love without really knowing each other anymore. 

I would give the book 1.5 stars at most.  Read it if you must, but be forewarned that there are much better options out there to read instead.

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