Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bout of Books - Day 2 Recap

Welcome to my recap post for Day 2 of the Bout of Books 18 readathon!  Here's what happened on Tuesday! 

Books Started: 2

Books Finished: 0
Pages Read Tuesday: 51
Pages Read Total: 196

I'm not nearly as far into my reading as I would like to be, but it's only Wednesday!  I don't work today, so it's the perfect day to sit around and just read!

And now, the part of the post I know you've all been waiting for: the Books To Movie Challenge!

The Mara Dyer Trilogy, by Michelle Hodkin:



My Perfect Cast Would Be: 
(I only picked a handful of characters that I either really loved, or who I could really see the actors for!)

 Mara Dyer would be played by Naomi Scott.  Can you imagine a better Mara?  She has the innocent quality that Mara should have, with the look that says "I can and will kick your ass if I have to.)

Daniel, Mara's brother, would be played by Avan Jogia (Isn't he just amazing?) I think Avan Jogia could pull off the smart ass attitude and the caring about his family that Daniel does so well.

Mara's smart ass friend Jamie, could be a great role for Trevor Jackson.  He has the look to pull of the crazy attitude that Jamie has while still saying, "Hey, it's cool, I love my friends!"

Mrs. Dyer, Mara's mom, would be played by the talented Sakeena Jaffrey, from House of Cards.  If you've read the Mara Dyer trilogy, you'll know why she's a perfect fit! 
And Mara's dad, who I imagine is kind of one of those dad's that everyone loves to check out, would be played by Christian Bale.  (Tell me she could have a better dad - I dare you!) 

Jude, the bad boy and psycho ex-boyfriend of Mara's, literally could not be played by a better actor than Kenton Duty. (And I'll go to the mats on that one.)

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