Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mistakenly Married - Victorine E. Leiske

Title: Mistakenly Married
Author: Victorine E. Leiske
Version: E-Book

 Penny’s gotten herself into another one of her crazy messes. She’s broke and about to be evicted. When her online boyfriend suggests they elope, she agrees. Why not? She loves him, even though she hasn’t met him, so she blows the last of her cash on a fun Las Vegas wedding. Except, William stands her up and the limo driver picks up the wrong guy. A smokin’ hot wrong guy. Too bad she doesn’t find out who he really is until after the wedding.

Harrison Williams needs a wife to gain access to his trust fund account. He goes to Las Vegas to meet someone, but there’s a mix up and he ends up at the Chapel-O-Love exchanging vows with Penny, a spirited girl in a cheap veil. When they realize the mistake, he convinces her to go back to Bel Air with him to prove that he’s married, and he agrees to pretend to be William so her family doesn’t have to know about her big mistake. Sounds like a good plan. What could go wrong?

Mistakenly Married is a sweet, clean romantic comedy.

Mistakenly Married, by author Victorine E. Leiske, is the perfect light hearted read.  It's easy, a little fluffy, and a book you could easily finish in a day or two. 

Penny has been carrying on an online relationship with William for two years.  They've never met, and she's only seen a photo of him - though she thought he was the second man in the photo.  Then, William suggests they get married, and Penny says yes.  When William doesn't show up, Penny doesn't know what to do. Then Harrison, a rich man who is looking for a wife shows up at the wrong wedding chapel.  He was supposed to marry a friend so that he could get his trust fund.  Penny thinks he is William, they get married, and later, they find out the truth.  They decide to stay married to fool Harrison's bitchy stepmother.  What they don't count on is falling in love with each other. Over two weeks, they spend pretty much every second together, then Penny flips out at Christmas and tells her family the "truth" about their relationship.  After they separate from each other, Penny stays at her parents house for a month. Then Harrison and she both realize they are in love, and he comes hunting her down.

The book sounds crazy, I know - who marries a complete stranger without verifying who he is?!  But, it was a little cute, if fluffy.  The characters are pretty stock - the dumb blonde, the cute millionaire, the wicked evil stepmother, and the stupid brother that everyone underestimates (who turns out to be smarter and more hardworking than people realize.)  There was some tension in the book, but there could have been more.  That being said, the book was fun, and I didn't mind reading it. 

The story was what I would say is middle of the road as far as the writing.  The writing wasn't great, but it held together fairly well.  Although there was some tension in the book, sometimes it felt a little forced.  I think the author sometimes threw things in just because she needed some drama (like when she made fun of Penny's clothes at a dinner party.)

I'd give the book three stars - read it if you want a light hearted read, but don't expect a War and Peace type book.

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