Friday, March 17, 2017

Darke - Angie Sage

Title: Darke
Author: Angie Sage
Format: Audiobook

I listened to Angie Sage's Darke on audiobook, and like the other books in the Septimus Heap Series, I fell in love.  The book is fabulous from beginning to end.  It is "darke" in the way only the best children's book can be - and the characters are just as you would expect them to be from earlier books in the series.

The book is titled Darke for a couple reasons - first, there is a darke creature living in the castle (in a secret sealed room) that needs to be banished, and second - Jenna, our dear princess, becomes a witch.  It wasn't really her choice - but she does it anyway. 

There is plenty of action throughout the book, and some kissing - though not in the way you might expect.  (Don't worry, it is a kids book.  An evil witch gives Jenna a kiss on the cheek.) 

Even though the book was called Darke, there were some moments where I found myself laughing as well. 

Overall, this is the perfect book for kids 8 and up - and chances are their grownups will love the book well.  It doesn't disappoint.

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