Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reality Check - Peter Abrahams

Title: Reality Check
Author: Peter Abrahams
Format: Audiobook

QB of the varsity football team. Passing grades in all his classes. Dating the hottest--and smartest--girl at school. Summer job paying more than minimum wage. Things in Cody's world seem to be going pretty well. Until, that is, his girlfriend, Clea, is sent off to boarding school across the country, and a torn ACL ends his high school football career. But bad things come in threes--or in Cody's case, sixes and twelves--and the worst is yet to come. While limping through town one day, Cody sees a newspaper heading: "Local Girl Missing." Clea, now his ex, has disappeared from her boarding school in Vermont, and the only clue is a letter she sent to Cody the morning of her disappearance. With that as his guide, Cody sets out to find out what happened. Once in Vermont, he unearths the town's secrets--and finds out that football isn't the only thing he's good at.

Reality Check is another edge-of-your-seat suspense novel by the New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-nominated author of Down the Rabbit Hole.

Hard times hit Cody when he tears his ACL and has to sit out the rest of the year on the football team.  On top of that, his girlfriend (or now ex-girlfriend) has been sent to a boarding school in Vermont.  When she goes missing, Cody drops everything and drives across the country to help find her.  He does some crazy things during this time, including:

*Drive across the country as a MINOR to search for his ex-girlfriend (while leaving only a note for his dad)
*Takes a job at the boarding school that Clea attends, working in the horse stables.
*Goes out to the bar and visits with Big Len, who gets him drunk (even though I am sure Len knows that Cody is in high school.  I think Len just wants Cody to start gambling.

The Characters:
*Cody - was not very deep considering he was the main character.
*Clea - had more depth and emotion and change than Cody, and most of the novel was just people talking about her instead of her actually being present in the novel.
*The Minor Characters - I'm not even going to mention them all by name, because I just didn't care about them.  They all felt too similar and boring. 

The Story Itself:
The story was supposed to be a mystery.  Supposed to be being the important phrase.  There wasn't much mystery to the novel.  It was easy to figure out what happened to Clea, and why she disappeared.  Also, the ending, when Cody was helping Clea escape from the basement was rushed - one page they were running out of the house from Big Len and a police office, and like 5 pages later they were on an airplane home.  There was not nearly enough tension in this book to make me really invested in it.  I just didn't care.

I would rate this book 2 stars, only because I know all the hard work it actually takes to write a book - but I wouldn't recommend it to others. 

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