Monday, December 4, 2017

The Becoming of Noah Shaw - Michelle Hodkin

 Title: The Becoming of Noah Shaw 
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Rating: 3 Stars

In the first book of the Shaw Confessions, the companion series to the New York Times bestselling Mara Dyer novels, old skeletons are laid bare and new promises prove deadly. This is what happens after happily ever after.

Everyone thinks seventeen-year-old Noah Shaw has the world on a string.

They’re wrong.

Mara Dyer is the only one he trusts with his secrets and his future.

He shouldn’t.

And both are scared that uncovering the truth about themselves will force them apart.

They’re right.


 When I heard that Michelle Hodkin was coming out with a book about Noah Shaw, I was like: 

I mean, excited!  After reading the book, I am feeling much more: 

I really wanted to love this book - after all the Mara Dyer trilogy was amazing!  With this book, I got partway through and just found myself thinking: What is actually going on?!  There is NO plot in this book.  None.  Nothing happens.  They visit Stella and Leo.  They drink.  They talk about the people who died.  That's it.  A whole lot of talking, interspersed with brief moments of Noah contemplating his relationship with Mara. 

The best thing about this book was that Mara was still just as dark and twisted as she was in her trilogy.  Other than that, I couldn't really think of much I loved about the book.  I didn't absolutely hate it, but I did find myself wondering why I spent the time reading it.

The characters were the same as they were in the MD Trilogy, there were no other real changes.  The new characters that were introduced were just sort of flat and uninteresting.  I didn't care about any of them at all - and the worst part is that I WANTED to care about them, but there was nothing about them that made me really like any of them.

Many of the details that were discussed in this book were brought up in the MD trilogy as well.  Like, animals are afraid of Mara.  Or Mara is dark and creepy and twisted.  Come with a new angle, author. 

Overall, I won't say I regret reading this book, but I certainly won't be spreading any love around about it. 

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