Monday, May 21, 2018

R.I.P it or Ship it

Hey Y'all - I heard about the RIP it or Ship it book tag after watching a video done by emmmabooks (the founder of the Rip it or ship it book tag.)  I thought it would be fun to do my own little Rip it or Ship it post.  I wasn't tagged by anyone, I just wanted to do it on my own for fun!  So: here we go!

I had one bowl for boys and one for girls.  And yes, even though I am old, most of the characters are from YA books, because you know, this is a YA blog. 

Round One: Professor McGonagall and Severus Snape (HP Series)

Nobody should be surprised when I say: RIP it!

 Round Two: Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles) and Robert Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

Queen Levana and Robert Baratheon are both a bit off the wall.  Admittedly, Levana is probably more crazy than Robert, but I'd ship it.

Round Three: Tris Prior and Four (The Divergent Trilogy)
I know everyone loves these two together, and I guess they get along well, but I think their relationship was a little rushed.  I'd RIP them.

Round Four: Cress (The Lunar Chronicles) and Percy Weasley (HP Series)
I don't think Percy could handle Cress's hacking and amazing-ness.  RIP it!

Round Five: Katniss Everdeen and Haymitch Abernathy The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Not in a million years would this ever happen. RIP it!

Round Six: Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments) and Remus Lupin (HP Series)
I see Remus as being more of someone who would want to be a father figure for Clary, so RIP it.

Round Seven:  Iko (The Lunar Chronicles) and Rishi Patel (When Dimple Met Rishi)
Rishi is so cool - but he's pretty traditionally Indian, so I'd RIP it.

Round Eight: Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) and  Simon Spier (Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda)
Well, um, Simon's gay, so I mean, RIP it.

 Round Nine: Alina Starkov (The Grisha Trilogy) and Carswell Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles)

Alina is a bit mad with her power, and completely awesome.  Carswell is a pretty strong dude. These two seem like they would compliment each other well. I'd Ship it!

Round Ten: Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games) and Thomas (The Maze Runner)
Effie is too high strung, and Thomas is to busy trying to save his world to focus on romance.  I'd RIP it!

Round Eleven: Bellatrix LeStrange and Lord Voldemort (HP Series)
Obviously, this is a ship!  I mean, Bella is one creepy lady who is beyond obsessed with Voldemort.  And Voldemort loves people who have unfailing, unflinching love and adoration for him!

Round Twelve: Luna Lovegood (HP Series) and Joffrey Baratheon(Game of Thrones)
Um, hi why would anyone with the right frame of mind want to marry Joffrey the spawn of satan?!  RIP it!

Round Thirteen: Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) and Professor Dumbledore (HP Series)
Y'all are going to hate me for this, but I'd Ship it.  Why, you ask?  Well, even though Dumbledore seems cool, he kind of has a dark side that I think would work well with Cersei.

Round Fourteen: President Coin (The Hunger Games Trilogy) and Day (Legend Series)
Hey, like could you imagine Day with President Coin?!  I mean, sure President Coin seemed a little revolutionary at first, but she's crazy.  RIP IT!

Round Fifteen: Inej (The Six of Crows Duology) and Littlefinger (Game of Thrones)
Hahah - yeah - that's gonna happen!  Littlefinger would just try to turn Inej into a hooker.  RIP it!

Round Fourteen: Dimple Shaw (When Dimple Met Rishi) and Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows Duology)
Dimple seems a little high strung for Kaz.  And I just don't think Dimple would be cool with some guy who wants to go around robbing people and running heists.  RIP it.

Round Fifteen: Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites) and Dobby (HP Series)
No.  Adelina would never be with a non-human creature.  And Dobby just wouldn't be able to handle how high maintenance Adelina is.  RIP it.

Round Sixteen: Professor Trelawney and Renly Baratheon
Professor Trelawney is pretty....interesting.  However, I don't think she'd have what it takes to be Renly's cover wife.  I also don't think that Renly has the patience to put up with Professor Trelawney's quirks.  I'd RIP it.

Round Seventeen:  Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) and Percy Jackson (The Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Percy Jackson is pretty groovy, but I don't know if he'd be cool with Winter. I think the Lunar sickness would get to him.  I'd RIP it.

Round Eighteen: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) and Harry Potter (HP Series)
Cinder is fierce and amazing.  Harry Potter is the chosen one who fights for what's right in his series.  I'd Ship them.

Round Nineteen: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles) and President Snow (The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Can you imagine Scarlet, strong fierce Scarlet, with President Snow?  Me neither.  RIP it!

 Round Twenty: Molly Weasley (HP Series) and Valentine (The Mortal Instruments)
Obviously this is a RIP it.  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bout of Books 22: Wednesday Wrap Up

Hey Y'all - welcome to another Bout of Books Wrap-Up.  Let's talk about Wednesday!

Books Started: 2
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read Wednesday:20
Total Page Read: 240

Currently Reading:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bout of Books - Tuesday Wrap Up

Hey Y'all!  It's already Day 3 of Bout of Books 22!  WHAT!?!? 

So, Here's a little Tuesday Wrap-Up:

Books Started: 2
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read Tuesday: 138
Total Pages Read: 220

Books Currently Reading:

AND NOW: A little challenge (And I love the title of this one!)  Show me Your Precious!

That means your favorite book.  This was tough, because there are so many books that I love, BUT, if I had to pick just one that is my absolute favorite, It would be:

I love everything about this book - the characters, the writing, the story - everything! I love how noble and brave Jean Valjean is, even in the face of being chased around the country relentlessly by Javert.  I love that Fantine as so brave and did what she thought was best for her kid, and that Jean Valjean rescued Cosette from the Thenardier's and raised her as his own.  I love that the poor people in this book fight so hard and have endured so much but stay strong in the face of revolution.  There isn't a single thing I don't love about this book! 

What's your favorite book?