Friday, August 31, 2018

Dating Profile Friday - Mad Eye Moody!

Name: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody
Profession: Former Auror for the Ministry of Magic

Likes: Flasks, Catching death eaters, Butterbeer, Turning unwitting students into ferrets.
Dislikes: People, Voldemort, the dark arts

About Me: I was the most celebrated Auror in history.  Then I was convinced to take on a teaching position at Hogwarts. 

After being impersonated by Barty Crouch Jr, I decided to give up on being in the public eye at all.  If you, like me, distrust your fellow humans and want to spend time hidden indoors, contact my by owl post.  We can spend time inside using my dark wizard catching tools.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Heretics Anonymous - Katie Henry

Title: Heretics Anonymous
Author: Katie Henry
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Michael is an atheist. So as he walks through the doors at St. Clare’s—a strict Catholic school—sporting a plaid tie, things can’t get much worse. His dad has just made the family move again, and Michael needs a friend. When a girl challenges their teacher in class, Michael thinks he might have found one, and a fellow nonbeliever at that. Only this girl, Lucy, is not just Catholic . . . she wants to be a priest.

But Lucy introduces Michael to other St. Clare’s outcasts, and he officially joins Heretics Anonymous, where he can be an atheist, Lucy can be an outspoken feminist, Avi can be Jewish and gay, Max can wear whatever he wants, and Eden can practice paganism. After an incident in theology class, Michael encourages the Heretics to go from secret society to rebels intent on exposing the school’s hypocrisies. When Michael takes one mission too far—putting the other Heretics at risk—he must decide whether to fight for his own freedom, or rely on faith, whatever that means, in God, his friends, or himself.

Heretics Anonymous, by Katie Henry, is the YA book I wish I'd had when I was a teen!  The book is full of humor, skepticism, rebellion, and good old fashioned questioning of authority and religion.  

Michael, an atheist, has moved with his family, again!  And now, he's being sent to a private Catholic school where he meets Lucy, Avi, Max, and Eden.

Lucy - wants to be a female priest.
Avi - is gay and Jewish.
Max - wants to be able to wear whatever he wants to school.
Eden - is a wiccan.

So, what happens when an atheist, a feminist, a gay Jew, a witch, and a uniform breaker get together?  They form Heretics Anonymous and pull pranks designed to share information with their classmates that their school won't tell them! 

I won't tell you what the pranks are - you should be surprised after all!  What I will tell you is that this book is worth every single second of reading!

The Characters: 
I loved every single character!  Especially Lucy!  I love these people are fighting for true change and equality in an institution that has been around longer than they will be alive.  I love that Lucy is so hell bent on fighting for women to become priests!  I love the Max is so unique and willing to stand up for even the most subtle changes in uniform.  

I think each of the characters in the book are deeper and more complex than we really get to see on the page.  There are hidden facets and parts of each persons identity that are revealed that show that teens can be complex and well rounded people.  These kids know how to speak up for themselves in the best ways, even if the adults in their lives won't listen.

Yes, there is a bit of the teenage "I hate what my parents are doing to my life" drama.  BUT, even that is resolved in a mature way after Michael actually talks to his dad (well, yells - but that makes his dad stop and really think about how certain decisions really do affect his kids.)

The Plot
This story moved really well.  There was the perfect amount of tension and humor throughout the book.  Everything in the story worked well together, each moment moving well into the next moment.  There wasn't a single "Yeah right" moment for me in the entire book.
Henry did a great job of tackling what it means to be atheist or questioning your faith when you attend a religious school.  She does a great job of showing that you can be religious and feminist, or Jewish and gay.  If someone religious were reading this book, they would not get the impression that Henry is slamming the Catholic religion, because she's not.  She does, however, make clear that it is okay to be religious and still question your beliefs and your church.

This is a wonderful book that should be required reading for every older teen! 


Friday, August 24, 2018

Bout of Books - Day 4 Wrap!

Hey readers!  Happy Friday! 

I know why you're here.  So, let's dive right in.

Books Started: 3
Books Finished: 1
Pages Read Thursday: 108
Total Pages Read: 337

Currently Reading:

Finished Reading:

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bout of Books - Day 3 Wrap!

Hey Readers!  Happy Thursday.  How's your readathon going?

Here's what I did Wednesday:

Books Started: 3(!)
Books Finished: Still 1
Pages Read Wednesday: 21
Total Pages Read: 229

Currently Reading:

Finished Reading:

AND NOW: A Challenge!  Today's challenge - Book Trip

My book trip would be like this: I love England and want to travel there someday!  So, here are books I love that take place in Jolly Old England!

My Favorite British YA/Middle Grade Books: 

My Favorite British Adult Novels/Plays:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bout of Books - Day 2 Wrap!

Hey readers!  Happy Wednesday!  So, it's the middle of the week, and I have an update for you! 

Here's how Tuesday: Day 2 of Bout of Books, went. 

Books Started: 2
Books Finished: 1!!!!!!!!
Pages Read Tuesday: 160
Total Pages Read: 208

Currently Reading:

Finished Reading: 

Now, get ready folks - because it's time for a CHALLENGE!

The Challenge: Literary Villains.

That's Right: Today, all you lovely people get to hear about my favorite literary villains. 

1.Barty Crouch, Jr.  Sure, he was crazy, and deserved that one way ticket to Azkaban, but something about him just gets me.  (Plus, how good a job did David Tennant do portraying him in the Goblet of Fire movie, amiright?!)

2. The Darkling.  He's completely crazy!  I mean, Alina is right to try and get him.  BUT, I love his darkness.  I just can't help it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bout of Books - Day 1 Wrap!

Hey readers!  Happy Tuesday!  As you hopefully know - this week is Bout of Books 23!  AND TODAY: I has a wrap up post for you! 

So, here's what happened Monday:

I Started This Book: 

And even though this is a middle grade book that is under 200 pages, I did not get it done, because I had to work yesterday afternoon!  Blurgh. 

Anyway, here are my Monday totals:

Books Started: 1
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read: 48
Total Pages Read:

Hit me up and tell me what you're reading this week! 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bout of Books - What am I reading though?!

Hey Y'all!  Welcome to the FIRST DAY of Bout of Books 23!  I know you're dying to see what I am reading this week.  So, here we go:

1. Heretics Anonymous - Katie Henry

2. Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

3. The Book of Hidden Things - Francesco Dimitri

4. Aunt Dimity and the King's Ransom - Nancy Atherton

5. A Panicked Premonition - Victoria Laurie

6. The Hazel Wood - Melissa Albert

7. Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan 

8. Before We Were Yours - Lisa Wingate 

9. The House With a Clock in Its Walls - John Bellairs 

10. Scream All Night - Derek Milman

11. Walking the Bones - Randall Silva

12. The Summer Nanny - Holly Chamberlin 

Are you doing Bout of Books this week?  Stop by and share your blogs or your reading lists!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Favorite Book Characters Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse

When faced with a zombie apocalypse, how quickly would your favorite book characters last?  I picked out some of my favorite book characters and rated them!  Let's see how long I think each one would last.

1. Luna Lovegood

On a scale of 1 to dead as soon as zombies strike, I'd rate Luna a 9.  She's fierce but flighty and she'd get lost from a group of survivors easily.  She'd be dead inside a week. 

2. Alina Starkov
Alina is pretty bad ass.  I think she would survive a long time - at least a year, probably longer.

3. Fred Weasley
Fred is pretty awesome with the pranks and the Weasely's Wizard Wheezes.  HOWEVER, I think that Fred would be bitten off fairly quickly.  I'd give him 4 to 6 months. 

4. George Weasley
George, wonderful and talented as he is, would probably meet the same fate as his twin soon.  I give him the same time span as Fred. 

5. Kaz Brekker
Kaz is bad ass.  I mean?!??!  However, I think his mobility issues would make it hard for him to hide from zombies for too long.

6.Tris Prior
Tris is bad ass.  I mean - she left her parents and joined Dauntless in her choosing ceremony, hid her divergence for how long, and did so much more!  I give her a year, maybe longer.

7. Hermione Granger 
The beaded bag, the punching Draco Malfoy in the face, all the help she gave her friends over the years. She'd be one of the last two die.  I'd give her at least 2 years - but probably more.

8. Katniss Everdeen 
It's Katniss!  She survived 2 hunger games, killed President Coin and put up with all sorts of stuff from Haymitch and everybody else.  She's going to be the last survivor.  Every other person in the world will die before Katniss. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites

Hey reader fam!  Welcome to a round of Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme sponsored by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week the topic is: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites!

Without further ado: Here are my favorite book spots around the internets.

1. Paper Fury:

Seriously, yo, visit the Paper Fury blog HERE!  Right now.  (Don't worry, I'll be here when you're done getting lost in the rabbit hole of awesomeness that is C.G. Drews' blog.)  C.G's posts are fun, colorful, funny (i mean read this post: and full of booktalk!  So go now!

2. Emmmabooks Youtube Channel:

I just love watching Emma's book haul's and unboxings the most.  She get so excited. 

3. JessetheReader Youtube Channel

Jesse is, without a doubt, my favorite booktuber.  He's an introvert (like, I feel you Jesse.), but he does these great awesome outgoing videos that are fun, funny, and full of awesomeness.

4. Bout of Books!

I love doing readathons.  My favorite has become the Bout of Books weeklong readathon that happens a couple times a year.  (In fact, it's happening August 20 - August 26 again, so you should sign up!)  Also, visit their blog!

5. PolandBananaBooks Youtube Channel

I just think Christina is hiiiiilarious and booking awesome in all her videos.

6. Sailor J

Three words: Drunk Book Reviews.  Do I really need to say more?!

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Chapel Wars - Lindsey Leavitt

TItle: The Chapel Wars
Author: Lindsey Leavitt
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 2 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Holly wants to remember her Grandpa forever, but she’d rather forget what he left her in his will: his wedding chapel on the Las Vegas strip. Whatever happened to gold watches, savings bonds, or some normal inheritance?

And then there's Grandpa's letter. Not only is Holly running the business with her recently divorced parents, but she needs to make some serious money—fast. Grandpa also insists Holly reach out to Dax, the grandson of her family's mortal enemy and owner of the cheesy chapel next door. No matter how cute Dax is, Holly needs to stay focused: on her group of guy friends, her disjointed family, work, school and... Dax. No wait, not Dax.

Holly’s chapel represents everything she’s ever loved in her past. Dax might be everything she could ever love in the future. But as for right now, there's a wedding chapel to save.

So, you want to read The Chapel Wars because you think the idea of two rival chapels fighting against each other sounds like a neat story?  Think again. 

Now, look - there are some cute aspects to this story.  There are also some business things in this book that work.  HOWEVER, there are so many things in this book that just don't jive.

What I Liked:

1. Holly was pretty smart about business stuff.  She knew she needed to make some changes to draw in new customers and increase their revenue.  She wasn't willing to just sit by and let things stay the same and get stale, even though I think she knew deep down there was a snowball's chance in hell of saving her grandpa's chapel.

2. I enjoyed some of the humor in the book.  There were enough moments that made me laugh, that I was willing to bump my rating up to 2 stars.

What I Didn't Like:

1. The insta-love.  I'm not talking the feelings of happiness or butterflies you get in your stomach when you see the boy or girl who lives next door for the first time. No, we're talking all out insta-love dating and hanging all over each other the second Holly Meets Dax.  They meet at her grandpa's funeral, because of course Dax and his bitter, alcoholic poppy go to Holly's grandpa's funeral!  Then, almost immediately, she's pining over him, and thinking of only him all. the. time.  They get together almost instantly - and are the cutest couple ever after one date!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And they call and text and hang out and think about each other all the time. 

Kids: It's okay to take a step back and get to know a person before getting serious with them like that! 

My thoughts on this part of the story could so easily by summed up by a stellar look from one Dean Winchester:

2. Holly's dad.  He was such a mean, spiteful jerk to Holly through the entire book. He treated her like she was an idiot and told her she didn't know anything about running a business.  (Just so you readers know: Holly is studying business administration at her high school - so in my book that makes her a bit more business savvy than your average teenager.)

3.The plot wasn't as well developed as I would have liked.  Everything just moved so quickly and I felt like that author didn't really dig too deep into make the story something more than it could have been.

4. The characters were all pretty one-dimensional.  There was no depth to them - and they all felt like stock images of every other character in the book.

5. Dax and his drinking. Seriously - I want to know where these teens in books keep getting their hands on all this booze?!?!

Overall, this book was not as good as I would have hoped.  Skip it and save your time for something else.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dating Profile Friday: Viktor Krum

Name: Viktor Krum
Education: Durmstrang Institute
Current Job: Seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch Team
Future Ambitions: Coaching the Bulgarian Quidditch team

Likes: Quidditch, Polishing my broomstick, Flirting with foreign witches
Dislikes: Grindelwald

About Me: I enjoy flying.  I will conquer the world as the future coach of the Bulgarian Quidditch team.  I most look forward to the day when I can pass on my skills as a seeker to a new generation of  Quidditch Players.  I like to travel as well.

If you like traveling, or enjoy watching or playing Quidditch, you can contact me by owl post in the care of the Bulgarian Quidditch team.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bout of Books 23 Signup

HEYYYYY Reader Fam!  It's almost time for Bout of Books 23!   What is this Bout of Books, you ask?!  How could you not know?  Stop by there blog here!

Anyway, this is my official sign up post for Bout of Books 23!  I will edit this as soon as I figure out which books I am going to bombard myself with during the readathon!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly Rubidoux Apple. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 20th and runs through Sunday, August 26th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 23 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dating profile Friday - Hermione Granger

Welcome to another Dating Profile Friday!  Today - Meet Hermione Granger!

Name: Hermione Granger
Education: Graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Favorite Books: Hogwarts: A History, A History of Magic, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Likes: The smell of parchment, freshly mown grass, reading, campaigning for equal rights for house elves
Dislikes: Draco Malfoy, Dark Magic

About Me: I graduated from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I received the highest grades in my NEWTS, and founded the Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare while still in school.  I love reading, learning new things, and sharing my knowledge with others. 

When not working, I spend time gardening, and trying to fight off recurring dark forces. 

You can find me frequently enjoying a butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks.  I can be reached by owl post by any interested parties.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August {2018} YA Book Releases

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: Dance of Thieves #1
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: Dreamfall #2
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: Assassin Fall #2
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: Mask of Shadows #2
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: Genius #3
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Series: These Rebel Waves #1
Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 7 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Series: The Witch's Child #3
Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 14 August 2018

Series: The Hundredth Queen #4
Release Date: 14 August 2018

Release Date: 21 August 2018

Series: Field Party #4
Release Date: 21 August 2018

Series: The Frostblood Saga #3
Release Date: 21 August 2018

Release Date: 21 August 2018

Release Date: 21 August 2018

Release Date: 21 August 2018

Release Date: 21 August 2018

Series: Word$ #2
Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Series: Mirage #1
Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Series: Seafire #1
Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Series: The Soul Keepers #1
Release Date: 28 August 2018

Series: The Thousandth Floor #3
Release Date: 28 August 2018