Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Favorite Bookish Villains

Hey reader friends!  Let's talk VILLAINS!  Who doesn't love a good villain? 

Here are my favorite bookish villians:

1. Bellatrix LeStrange.  
She's crazy, and I mean, she did try to kill Ginny.  BUT I LOVE HER.  I do love how badass she is, really.  It's more like the person I love to hate.

2. The Darkling.  
Creepy, old, excellent at manipulation.  He's just the kind of creepy villain that I can't help but love sometimes.

3. Pennywise.  
 You'll float, too!  

4. Javert.
 Javert is nasty and cold hearted, but I admire his determination to hunt down Jean ValJean. 

5. The White Witch.  
Let's face it - Edmund never stood a chance in Narnia after he met the White Witch.  She is crafty and cunning.  

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