Friday, December 21, 2018

Dating Profile Friday - Inspector Javert

HEY!  It's Friday!  Now, for your entertainment, here is the dating profile for Inspector Javert.  (You read that right.  Bad guys need loving, too!)

Name: Inspector Javert
Profession: Police Inspector
Hobbies: Stalking Jean ValJean, Throwing people in prison

Likes: Skulking around Paris hunting for law breakers. 
Dislikes: Jean ValJean.

About Me: I was born into an affluent family, and grew up learning the difference between right and wrong.  I have little patience for people who break the rules and laws of society, and sometimes I take that to the extreme. 

I detest rebellions, and don't particularly care books either.  I enjoy solitude and quiet. 

If you follow the law, and enjoy long walks near bridges and dams, we may get along well.  You can contact me at my country home or at my apartment near the Paris prison where I regularly work bringing in new prisoners.

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