Friday, January 4, 2019

Love, Life, and The List - Kasie West

Title: Love, Life, and The List
Author: Kasie West
Format: Hardcover 
Rating: 2 Stars


Love, Life, and The List was another cheesy, light hearted read for me.  This book was, like the other two Kasie West books I've read, pure fluff.  But it's certainly a nice break to read the fluff sometimes.  

The very, very basic rundown of this book is: Abby wants to be a professional artist, get into an art show at the museum she works at, and get into a prestigious art program.  But she gets told by the museum director that her paintings lack heart and depth, so she goes on a mission to learn how to create this heart and depth and maturity in her paintings and life through accomplishing things on what she calls the Heart List. Abby talks to her best friend Cooper and gets him to agree to do the list with her.  You can imagine that ends so well! 

So, reader friends, here we go:

The characters in this book are about what you would expect to find in a Kasie West book - sweet, a little depth to each of them, and all about that good clean fun.  I mean that in the best way - I think it's important for teens to have books with characters that don't drink all the time or run around having sex with every single person they meet.  I think sex is important to talk about with teens - don't get me wrong, but not every teen wants to have sex. And it's important to have books that show that sex is a valid option for teens who are ready, but it's important for kids to see there are other options as well. 

So, this book is definitely good at showing the good clean fun kids can have - like Abby watching Cooper at his races on the dunes, or their movie nights at the beach.

Their was some growth for Abby as well, since she did do things and learn things she might not have if her boss hadn't been so frank with her.  She did also realize at the end that she had a lot more growing and maturing to do in spite of her list.  She realizes that she is still very young and that is not a bad thing, but it does mean there are things she still has to learn - and it's good that she realizes this.

I appreciate that this book, like West's other books have parents that are actually present to, you know, parent their kids.  Abby's mother has some issues that she needs to sort out through therapy, but it doesn't erase the fact that she is there for Abby in the ways she can be. There has been this trend in YA books lately of the disappearing parent, so it's nice when there are books that show parents actually being there and involved in their kids lives. 

The thing that I did hate about this book was: Abby has been in love with Cooper for a while.  And she tells him that a year prior to where this book starts. So this book stars with Cooper having known for a year that Abby is in love with him. Then, he admits towards the end of the book that he knew all along that Abby wasn't joking when she said she loved him. He knew Abby was serious - he knew she was actually in love with him and not just friend love! And he brushed it off and led her on for a YEAR!  I think that means she was totally justified in not talking to him anymore.  If I were her, I never would have started talking to him again, let alone dating him (sorry spoiler!)  This makes Cooper a class A jerk undeserving to lick Abby's shoes. 

Take this advice please: if someone tells you they love you, and you don't feel the same way, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT LEAD THEM ON!  Just be honest with them and let them go. You are not doing them or yourself any favors if you lead them on.

That last thing was what dropped this book down to 2 stars for me. 

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  1. I've only read one Kasie West book, The Fill-In Boyfriend, and I remember I gave it 3 stars. It's a middling rating for me. The guy in that book is a cinnamon roll, so sad that this one has a jerk for a love interest.