Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It's Supernatural

Hey reader friends and fellow Supernatural Nerds.  Okay, so in case you've been living under a rock - you've probably heard the news that Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Mischa Collins decided they were ready to move on from Supernatural - and the show will be ending after S.15.  Now in a perfect world, this show would go on forever.  I mean, it's Supernatural!  But I get it - they all have families and kids, and want to hang with them, so there ya go.

Anyway,  I thought: Let's have a little favorite moments post.  So, here are some memes, videos, and gifs of some of my favorite moments from Supernatural.

1. Supernatural: The musical!

2. Cass calling Dean ass butt.

3. All of Scoobynatural

4. Jodi and Dean talking about her girls wearing condoms

5. Season 7, Time for a Wedding, Y'all!

 6. Supernatural: The Convention!

 7. It's Tuesday. It's Tuesday. It's Tuesday.

8. All these moments from the trickster episode

Ok fellow Supernatural nerds: Now it's your turn.  What are your favorite moments from the show? 


  1. HEY ASS BUTT!!!!

    OMG, I love this show SO MUCH. I'm sure they'll all move on to different things (BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD *TOGETHER*!!!! *sobs uncontrollably*), but thankfully we'll be able to keep up with them on social media.

    BUT STILL!!!!!!!!

    My favorite episodes had to be the one with the Turducken Slammer that oozed the gray goo after a while, and the one where Sam and Dean find themselves as actors, filming an episode of the TV show Supernatural- that last one, I could watch every day for the rest of my life! (I'm also pretty partial to the episode where they infiltrate a purity group at a church; I laughed until I cried at that one.)

    Such a fantastic show!

    1. Oh, I forgot about Sam and Dean as actors! I love that episode, too!