Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Avengers: Endgame

SPOILER WARNING: Massive, massive spoiler warning. 

Ok, so, if you're reading this, there's also a good chance you know that the Avengers: Endgame movie just came out.  And of course: This lady right here went to see it.

So, reader friends - let's diverge from the book path again so we can chat about this movie!  As I said just above, this post will have major, massive spoilers everywhere. So, if you haven't seen the movie yet and you hate spoilers, go away and come back later.  I'll be waiting with popcorn so we can chat then.

Now, darlings, let's get into this. 


Things I Love: 

- Fat Thor.  That's right - I said Fat Thor.  Obviously Chris Hemsworth was wearing prosthetics and fat suit stuff for this, but still.  He could do chubby and make it work.  Now, a lot of people have been complaining about Thor being fat in this movie - but let me tell you why I think it works:

A. Thor just lost Asgard.  He lost his home - his entire fucking planet, and had to evacuate everyone to New Asgard.

B. That sent him into a sort of depression - and I don't blame him at all.  He turns into a fat beer drinking recluse, and I can totally understand that. I wish he could find a way to move towards peace, but where he's at in Endgame works.

I mean, how many of us could handle the total and complete destruction of our homes like that without having problems afterwards?!  I think none of us. 

- New Asgard. - I don't have too  much to say about this, except that I think this works.  The village is right next to a lake where they can fish, which makes sens since they are Norsk gods and folks.

- That moment when Thor is 5 years in the past and gets is hammer back!  HELLO HAMMER.

- Valkyrie being named the new queen of New Asgard. This works for me.  I am so here for all of this! Thor did the right thing there. I mean, Thor is the leader of Asgard, but where he's at in his life - he knew he needed to do the right thing for his people, and I feel that Valkyrie being their new leader is good for them!

- SHURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I. Love. Shuri.  Okay - so those folks from Wakanda are here and back and I love it all, but I love Shuri the most. 

- Thor seeing his mom again and having a chance to talk with her.  She can tell he's troubled. She can tell he's future Thor who is struggling with stuff.  And she is there for it all. 

Things I Hated: 

- Okay, there was only one thing I hated.  Iron Man dies at the end. I understand why it had to happen, because I mean - he put on the glove, saves everything, gets rid of Thanos.  But still WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN?!  Why, Marvel, Why?!

I know a lot of people are not here for this movie. I so am though - and you should definitely go see it. NOW!

Now, go listen to the Immigrant Song and Iron Man.  Because why not?!


If you've seen this movie - talk to me.  Tell down below what you thought!

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