Friday, June 7, 2019

Dating Profile Friday: Lord Voldemort

Hey Reader Friends - Happy Friday!  Welcome to another round of Dating Profile Friday.  Today: Lord Voldemort.

Name: I am Lord Voldemort
Occupation: Dark Lord, Leader of the Death Eaters
Likes: Killing people for no reason.  Taking down leaders who want to harm me.
Dislikes: Harry Potter.

About Me: I am the most powerful wizard you will ever meet.  I prefer to only be involved with purebloods.  I appreciate honesty and will do anything to invoke honesty from my followers - I mean friends.  I believe in the importance of loyalty and undying respect to people in power over others.  I like to think someday I will be the supreme leader over the entire wizarding world.

If you are a pureblood wizard looking to help me and be with me on my journey to power, I look forward to hearing from you.  Right now, I am probably hiding in Albania. Your owl will know how to reach me.

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