Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Bibliogames

Hey reader friends - I did a thing, and signed up to participate in the Bibliogames, a month long readathon taking place through the month of June.

Here's Where You Can Learn More About This Event. (Signups are closed for this round, but if they do it again, I recommend jumping aboard.)


Also, check out Myonna's twitter and booktube. She's the spearhead behind The Bibliogames, and deserves all the love for putting together such a fun event!



Now, Let's Talk TBR! 

The Biblio Games does have categories that you can read a book from.  You don't have to read a book from those categories, but you can if you want - and I am going to try and do that!  So, here we go:

Homeroom: (Group Book) The Sidekick group book is: Not Your Sidekick - C.B. Lee
Gym: (Format you don't typically read): Amulet: The Stonekeeper - Kazu Kibuishi (A graphic novel, which is not a format I usually read.  At all.  So this should be interesting.)
Lunch: (Book with a satisfying ending): There's Something About Sweetie - Sandhya Menon

Comedic Relief: (A book with a funny side Character): The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Hero Support: (Graphic Novel): Amulet: The Stonekeeper's Curse - Kazu Kibuishi (I figured I would continue this series for this category.)
Mission Strategy: (Non-Fiction): Becoming - Michelle Obama

I also signed up for another readathon taking place this month (A Game of Books!) so I will have a lot to read.  But these are the books I picked specifically for The Biblio Games. 

Are you doing the Biblio Games?  Talk to me and tell me what you're reading, what team you're on, and how badly you think the sidekicks are going to beat your team! 

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