Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Book Blog Post Ideas

Good day reader friends!  If you are a book blogger. chances are, at some point you've found yourself wondering what the heck to post about.

So, I've put together this lovely post full of idea you can use any time you're searching for ideas and just don't know what to do!

(And yeah, like these are geared towards bloggers, since I am a blogger as well - but they'll also work for booktubers if that's what you do!)

Anytime Of The Year
* Get to Know Me Posts - Perfect for new blogger
* Book Hauls
* Library Book Hauls 
* Kiss, Marry, Kill 
* Monthly Wrap-Up Posts
* If you liked ________, Try _____________!
* Who are your favorite fictional characters?
* Bookish giveaways
* Soundtrack Posts - which songs would it really well with whichever book you are reading?
* Favorite reading positions
* Favorite bookish snacks
* Bookshelf Tours
* Book Club Book Ideas
* Favorite Book Quotes
* Favorite fictional characters (can be series specific, or random based on any characters you really love)

Weekly Memes:
* Mailbox Monday: Hosted By Mailbox Monday, this weekly meme gives you the chance to talk about books you've gotten in the mail over the past week
* Top Ten Tuesday: Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, this weekly meme gives you a chance to post your top ten books based on a certain topic. 
*Can't Wait Wednesday: Hosted by Wishful Endings, this weekly meme gives you a chance to talk about upcoming book releases that you just can't wait to read! 

* Beginning of the Year Book Haul
* Books You are most looking forward to reading in the new year
* January 2 is Science Fiction day: Write about your favorite science fiction books

* Favorite Romance Books 
* Favorite Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Theyfriends
* A couple days in February have been named "food themed holidays." What are you favorite books that revolve around food?

* Mid Year Book Wrap Up
* New book releases you are most looking forward to for the rest of the year
* Summer Reads you are most excited about!

* Favorite Summer Romances

* Favorite books about school, that feature school, etc

* Favorite horror books
* Favorite Halloween-ish/Scary Characters  

* Books/Authors you are especially thankful for

* Books you are hoping to get as holiday gifts
* End of the year wrap-up
* Favorite books featuring a December Holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or others)

Okay, reader friends - now it's your turn!  If you have any other ideas your fellow book bloggers can use on their blogs, post some ideas in the comments below. 

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