Friday, October 18, 2019

Dating Profile Friday - Arya Stark

Name: Arya Stark

Likes: Sharpening Needle, tormenting Sansa, Becoming a Faceless Woman
Dislikes: Joffrey Lannister, Whoever killed Nymeria

About Me: When I first started learning the art of combat, nobody believed I could become a good fighter.  I proved them wrong, and showed them that a lady can do anything. I have killed, but only when necessary, and would do anything to save Winterfell from outsiders.

I plan to take over the world, lead the charge against any living Lannister, and become a powerful queen. If that doesn't intimidate you, you can find me at Winterfell. I'll be creating a plan for the Stark's to rule everything.

If you've created your own fake dating profiles for fictional characters, I'd love to see them. Drop a link in the comments.

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