Friday, November 1, 2019

Nanowrimo - Some Musical Inspiration

Hi reader friends! 

This post is not at all related to reading, but it is related to books so it still counts right?! 


I DECIDED TO DO NANOWRIMO! (at the very, very last minute.)  I've had a project idea rolling around in my head for a while, and lately I haven't been feeling very motivated to write.  So, I thought I would do Nano again, and give my writing slump a kick in the butt. 

So: Some years I am super motivated to do NanoWrimo, and some years I don't even think about it.  So I have been around the nano community for years, but haven't completed many projects.  This year I am going to go all the way!  The point is, since the last time I did Nano, things have changed around their site a bit, they've added features, they've changed things up a bit.  Which is cool.  One thing they give you an option to do is add a playlist for your book!  And I thought - Hey, Awesome!  I love music.

So, here are some songs that my character (and myself....) would love!

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