Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bout of Books 27 - Monday Wrap Up

Hey reader friends - Happy Tuesday! 

It's the second day of Bout of Books 27.  YEAH!

I didn't do as much reading yesterday as I would have liked, but that's okay!  It's only Tuesday.  So, here's my wrap up for yesterday.

Books Started: 2
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read: 40

I'm excited to get some more reading done today (actually already have!) 

But before I get back to the reading: It's time for a Bout of Books Challenge!

Share Your 2020 Reading Goals

My reading goals for the year are:

*Actually hit my Goodreads goal of 100 books
*Post blog posts at least 3 times per week

Also, I have some goals to get more involved in reading challenges and readathons throughout the year.  These are the challenges/readathons I want to do:

The Booket List Monthly Challenges - Every Month, one of my favorite book groups on facebook does challenges where you can try to read books that fit in with a certain theme and earn points throughout the month.  Last year I had to best laid plans to do more, and I think I tried 2.  So, this year, I am really going to challenge myself and try to get on board each month! 

Fiction Feud Society Monthly Challenges - Just like The Booket List, FFS does monthtly challenges, and I am pushing myself to try each monthly challenge this year!

Bout of Books - this is, hands down, my favorite annual readathon!  They host it 3 times each year, and it's always cool, and totally low key. 

This year, their readathons are taking place on:

Bout of Books 27 - 1/6/2020 -- 1/12/2020
Bout of Books 28 - 5/11/2020 -- 5/17/2020
Bout of Books 29 - 8/17/2020 -- 8/23/2020
Bout of Books 30 - 1/4/2021--1/10/2021

Library Love Challenge - I signed up to do this last year, and while I did technically read a lot of books from the library, I didn't record a single one through this challenge.  So THIS YEAR is my year.  I wrote a blog post here about it the other day, so stop by and check that out. 

Dewey's 24 hour Readathon - this happens 2 times a year, and I used to do it pretty regularly, then stopped. So I want to do it again this year, and actually try to read the whole 24 hours each time!  


  1. Happy BoB reading and wishing you all the best for your reading goals for 2020!
    This year I’m trying an annual reading challenge, rather than monthly.

    1. Yearly is almost easier, for me anyway, but I wanted to really try to challenge myself this year in hopes it would help me reach my reading goals :)

  2. Happy BoB! Those are some good goals/challenges! I've never heard of most of them. Just BoB and Dewey's. I've been doing Dewey's for a few years now. They have a third one now in summer that's reverse time! 8pm-8pm EST instead of 8am-8am EST.

    1. Dewey's is a lot of fun, too - I saw that they added the reverse one in the summer, but haven't had a chance to do it yet. Hope to this year.

  3. I hope you accomplish all your reading goals and challenges for the year - and for BOB this week too!! :)