Friday, March 6, 2020

Dating Profile Friday - Rowan Damisch

Name: Rowan Damisch
Hobbies: Taking down corruption in whatever way possible.

People frown on love when you're a scythe, but that's okay for me because I'm not really a scythe.  I seek out the corrupt, the wrong doers, the evil that surrounds us and I take my revenge because if I don't, who will?  If you have a heart for seeking out the bad in this world and trying to change it, I have a feeling we'll get along well.

I like to be in my home and out of the public eye when I can. If you are a part of the same group as me, chances are you know where to find me when I'm not out.  If you do see me out in public, and you're interested, approach me first. I look forward to making new acquaintances.

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