Monday, March 23, 2020

Some Girls Bind - Rory James

Title: Some Girls Bind
Author: Rory James
Format: Paperback
Rating: 3 Stars

Jamie knows that she isn't like other girls. She has a secret. She binds her chest every day to feel more like herself. Jamie questions why she is drawn to this practice and why she is afraid of telling her friends, who have their own secrets. Could she really be genderqueer?

There has been some hype about this book. I personally didn't understand all the hype

This was not a terrible book, but I didn't find it as hype worthy as some people did.  It just felt kind of flat and unimpressive to me.  Of course, take this at face value, because this is coming from someone who is not genderqueer, trans, or NB.  That could have been why I had trouble feeling a connection with the main character. 

My thought on the main character was this: I didn't feel like she really had that much tension or external struggles with being genderqueer or questioning.  There, to me, was not much conflict in the book.  Showing more of a struggle with the character and her friends, family, other people, etc, could have made this a better, more well developed story. 

I personally did not feel there was much internal struggle as well.  Or rather, I felt like the internal struggle Jamie experienced was not as well developed or fleshed out as it could have been.  This story had a real chance to show what being genderqueer is like, and to me, it missed the mark just a bit. 

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