Saturday, April 4, 2020

Isolation Reads

Hey reader friends.  So there's this thing going around, and we're all locked down or being told to shelter in place, practice social distancing, stay home, etc.  SO, for everyone who is spending a lot more time at home - you're probably looking for stuff to do.  When I don't *have* to go to work, I'm doing some crafting and reading.  So, I have a lot of books in my home right now.  Here are some books I hope to get through since I have a lot of time to fill while I'm sitting around home.

Okay, reader friends, your turn - what do you have in your TBR piles right now! Tell me in the comments below.  Feel free to leave links to your blogs or booktube channels if you're talking about it there! 

1 comment:

  1. Just the kind of post I was looking for!! Thank you so much!

    I'm currently reading a book of different short stories by Edgar Allan Poe that I was gifted for Christmas. I'm also planning to Read 'The Thirst' by Jo Nesbo.

    If you have a minute to spare, would you mind visiting my blog and commenting what you'd like to see on it under the post 'The Silence'. That would be a lot of help, as I'm trying to customise my blog exclusively for my readers. Thank you so much))