Sunday, October 25, 2020

It's An Unboxing!


Hey reader friends!  Welcome to my Fantasy Monthly Unboxing Post, in which I show you the cute things that I got from CrateJoy's Fantasy Monthly Box.

1. (Because I didn't put the book first!) The Book Club Questions for the Fantasy monthly book! Let me tell you, it's a book I am  truly delighted to read.

2. Two bookmarks with Kiera Cass quotes on them. The first one says "Love is Beautiful Fear," and the second one says "True love is usually the most inconvenient kind."

3. THE BOOK! Over the Woodward Wall, by A. Deborah Barker. I opened the book to read the description and discovered that the book sounds wonderful, and the author is Seanan McGuire, author of one of my favorite series - the Wayward Children Series.  

4. A cute button with another Kiera Cass quote on it. The button reads: "Break my heart. It was only ever yours to break anyway..."

5. And finally, a card with the same quote as the button on it!

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