Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It's an Unboxing!

 Hey reader friends! I had a little bit of a hiatus there, because I needed a break, and because I GOT A NEW KITTY - and I'll admit when not working, I've been spending time with that little bugger.

Isn't he the cutest little nugget? His name is Felix.  So, now for the other best part of this post: My monthly Magical Reads Crate Unboxing! 

There are so many AWESOME THINGS in this box! They include this adorable hat: 

Also, it comes with other super cute stuffs!

This tea smells so amazing, like I'm just going to drink it all in one day, I swear! There are chunks of real fruit in it.

Of course, there is an Ashley Poston Signature card and a super fun poisoned apple pin that says "Just One Bite."

This bookmark is MY FAVORITE THING in the entire box.  Look at how pretty it is! 

And the requisite photo of everything that is in the box.  Pretty standard. 

This chapstick is delightful, and I love that on the bottom it says "Do your lips feel chapped and chapter?"  SO FUN! 

AND FINALLY: The Book. I read the description and I AM SO EXCITED to read it.

Now, reader friends, I'd like to hear from you. Does anyone else get the Magical Reads Crate? What did you think of this box? Have any of you read the book yet? Don't post spoilers, but do drop a "Read it and liked it" or even a "Read it and hated it" in the comments.  

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