Sunday, March 14, 2021

Ranking Diviners


The Diviners series is full of wonderful, magical characters. So, for my second tier ranking post, I'm going to have some fun and rank the characters in this wonderful, amazing book series.

Here We Go!

The Bee's Knees - save them all!

Mable Rose 
Theta Knight
Ling Chan
Isiah Campbell 

They're Nifty

Henry DuBois
Jericho Jones
Memphis Campbell

They Might Be Full of Applesauce 

Evie O'Neill

Send them to the Asylum

Sister Walker (At least for a couple weeks.  She was like mediocre to me and did some shady stuff to the diviner kids.)

Let Jake Marlowe Have Them

Blind Bill Johnson
Uncle Will (I said what I said)

Feed Them to The King of Crows 

Jake Marlowe
Evie's Parents (Fight me) 

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