Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ranking Grishaverse Characters


As you have most likely heard, Leigh Bardugo's famed Grishaverse series is getting a Netflix series. It is based on Shadow and Bone, and Six of Crows, so there is going to be a mashup of things going on.  I'm hoping it will be great, but I'm also wishing they weren't mashing it all up.

Anyway, I thought I'd use this chance to rank some of my favorite/most well known characters from the series. My Ranks: 

Protect at all Costs: (Nothing bad can ever, ever, ever happen to these people. Never)

Kaz Brekker (Fight Me.)
Nina Zenick
Inej Ghafa
Jesper Wylan

Save them Uncertain Death: (These people are pretty awesome, but there are some who are better than them.)

Alina Starkov (I know, I know. Let me be in peace.)

Let them Eat I Guess: (These people are ok. Mediocre.) 


Kaz Should Drive His Cane into Their Kneecaps: (These people are pretty terrible. But there are people worse than them.)

Tolya and Tamar
Nikolai Lantzov (I said what I said...) 

Let Alina Kill Them: (These people are almost the worst. Almost.)

Vasily Lantzov

Send Them to Be Hunted By the Darkling: (These people suck. I hate them all.) 

Big Bolliger 
The Apparat 
Pekka Rollins

Send them to the Darklings mother to have their eyes ripped out and be killed by her bare hands while she laughs gleefully: (Reserved for the one character I hate more than any other in the series in spite of how much everyone seems to love him.)

The Darkling. (May he rot and fester for eternity.) 

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