Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Book Blog Ideas

Every book blogger knows that a book blog cannot survive solely on reviews.  Reviews are great, and we love writing them, but other posts besides reviews can really help a book blog thrive.  If you're looking for some other ideas for your blog, here are some ideas that could add some fun to your blogs. 

  • Do a fake dating profile on one of your favorite characters 
  • A Book Vs. Movie post based on whichever book you like and its movie counterpart. 
  • Seasonal or Holiday themed posts (Best Books to Read for Valentine's Day, Best Summer Reads, etc)
  • Book Haul Posts! (Show us all those awesome books!!!)
  • Book Recs based on your favorite character(s) - which books would your favorite character love to read! 
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill - it's cheesy but fun.  Have your followers give you three names, and pick which of those three you'd kiss, marry, or kill
  • RIP it or SHIP it - pick two characters, any two characters, and tell your readers if you'd RIP them or SHIP them
  • If you like this, try that....
  • Monthly TBR lists 
  • Monthly wrap ups 
  • Your favorite characters of all time (or favorite characters from a certain series or genre)
  • Your auto buy authors 
  • Do a contest or giveaway 
  • If you're involved with blog tours - do more blog tour posts 
  • Author interviews!  If you can manage it, having an author interview on your blog would be a great way to engage readers 
Do you have any other ideas you'd add to a list like this?  Hope you enjoy, and feel free to share any ideas you have as well!  

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